Efficient main shaft improves efficient milling efficiency

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Successful efficient milling should make the reliable cooperation with all component in order to get used to the electric main shaft with task need, reliable craft, agile machine tool be premise condition. It is the electric main shaft that regards core as the component, still be machine tool itself, be still its can peripheral equipment still provide additional capacity when HSC milling? Automation and electronic monitoring can offer the solution. Efficient milling treatment has two features: The treatment that uses tall cutting rate (HSC milling, also weigh HSM) with the efficient treatment that is a feature with big torque and big cutting power (HPM) . Meantime, also a few cutting machine the task to need to achieve very tall cutting efficiency and exterior finishing result. On one hand extremely high rotate speed is to be aviation industry place to need, it is main the combination that in order to processes aluminous material; On the other hand, high rotate speed also is used in mould treatment. Wait for a product as a result of such as camera or mobile phone more and more tend miniaturization, the mould of treatment also becomes more and more careful, must use to this 0.

The milling cutter of 5mm or the following diameter undertakes machining, and narrower to treatment delicate mould also is such. Cutting rate is higher, the pressure of cutting is less also -- the electrode milling task in treatment of this pairs of electric spark is very main. When the black lead electrode that machines Bao Bi, can use a diameter for 0.

The diamond film milling cutter of 2mm undertakes machining, length of its razor blade is 2~4mm (angle comparing is 10~20) . From this, treatment main shaft is holding decisive position from beginning to end in the research and development of the machine tool. Develop a tendency in view of technical miniaturization, the rotate speed of main shaft is close to 60 000r/min ability is significant. Step-Tec company since 1995 research and development, production is mixed sale report main shaft. This company joins group of strange Xia Mier of Swiss GF A with the share of about 50% (manufacturer of Mikron machining center) , additional join another famous machine tool manufacturer with the portion of 50% . Make the main shaft that gives about 60 kinds of different type in all. Because the mould is made, the machine is made and the requirement of aviation industry differs, because this characteristic curve of each electric machinery is endless also identical. Rotate speed limits is as high as 54 000r/min, power can amount to 70kW. The target that Step-Tec produces is to want the element union such as an acceptable main shaft measure, high accuracy, temperature social estate that can control and longer service life to rise. To this, the computation with significant program, reliable support of manufactory home need and design and the most advanced production methods and assemble a technology goodly. Leave in every component finally before the factory, still need to undertake examining to it (graph 1) . Graph 1 main shaft is the crucial position in machine tool research and development. Rotate speed rises is the main shaft manufactory such as company of Step-Tec of such as Switzerland the challenge that business faces is capable employee reachs crucial action since the meeting, repair as horological industry or tool grind exercise, these employee possess requires manual skill. Step-Tec company has 25% to be machined for oneself about. Every and all component that photograph of bearing of electric main shaft contacts all belong to this, especially the bearing flange of main shaft and around. What what use is high quality compound bearing, its scroll body (ball and columnar roller) use pottery and porcelain, seal ring employs fine steel capable person. Compound bearing is a technical innovation that initiates a gender, enterprise from put in it 's charge at the beginning for oneself have. The electric main shaft that uses at present can make exterior precision is achieved highest, dan Recai exceeds the bearing of ball bearing scroll of 20 000h with life, cannot reach mass of this kind of surface. From attrition character (centrifugal force is small) , heat expands and lubricate (lubricate for oil gas normally) look on angle, compound bearing has very large dominant position. Maintain longer a successful method of service life is to should look how to keep apart bearing after all. In the problem that 1 μ M is only on dimension and circularity. Nearly 12 years the incoming telegram moved main shaft to experience great power to leap, be aimed at the HSC equipment of 54 000r/min only not just. HPM criterion from 12 000r/min (160Nm) top rotate speed hops 20 000r/min (160Nm) level, raise 66kW from 20kW. These two kinds are opposite make at this kind of speed and dynamic equipment accordingly bring an influence. HPM main shaft applies to the rough machining with greater difficulty already, also apply to finish machining. Bearing is the manufactory of crucial main shaft with efficient main shaft one of approaches with successful home are through lasting between employee, transparent information is delivered, make be achieved between the staff member cooperate cheek by jowl, use real time to watch a photograph at the same time, improve treatment technology (KVP) . The diagnostic module of recorder of Cheng of a similar car is set on electric main shaft, shows data can conduce to ensure the stability of craft. The block transfer of Smart Machine model that the individual information such as vibration and bearing position all can pass milling flow control gives the operation of Mikron machining center staff. It is normal that handlers can identify a main shaft to work, avoid to appear in exercise overload injury. The machining center that in the light of Swiss GF A Jixia rice Er group produces is OK first selection uses main shaft, the product range that its machine covers type of 42 kinds of equipment. Among them Mikron company HSM 400U machining center belongs to top class model (graph 2) , it can deploy a the biggest rotate speed to be the main shaft of 54 000r/min. Such, this kind of equipment can be used at not only to steel with aluminium HSC milling, also can use at the milling to material of pottery and porcelain or grinding treatment at the same time, and the milling to black lead. Be aimed at the application on medical treatment industry, this equipment still has another kind of name namely Prod Med or Prod Med Dental. What differ somewhat with basic configuration is, the device that is used on medical treatment industry uses oily refrigeration. In tooth of the transplanting that make, bone board or hip board (graph 3) when, the working limits of Step-Tec main shaft is 20 000~30 000r/min. The diameter of cutting tool is 1~16mm. The treatment operation that moves qualitative Injection Mold Tooling is very economic also time. Nextpage pursues the applied circumstance that machining center of HSC of HSM 400U of 2 Mikron company 5 axes is efficient arbor. This kind of treatment device that uses at more careful mould to make supports milling / the craft that sinks to etch into type sets a plan on industry of 3 medical treatment use example: Tooth of titanium Ti-6Al-4V transplanting (on) with bone board (in) reach cross board (below) . Hind a kind of beard when for tall alloy austenite steel is purchasing a machine tool is clear, the automation trend that accompanies tray system is stronger and stronger. The user of equipment is nonproductive 1 million workpiece, however in small lot, it is sheet even sometimes. Manufacturing base of Germany can make full use of the latent capacity of automation, namely duty realizes the operation of nobody or very few person. This kind of latent capacity got acknowledge is mixed use, be in especially when receiving the express order that offer money to undertake to small lot workpiece repeatability is produced. Actual condition shows, the purchases Mikron machining center that has 70% about assembles tray to change first device. Smart Machine module was made to milling flow from man-machine interaction respect optimize, raised the dependability of unmanned operation, reduced manufacturing cost, good to coming true economy moves produced effect. Here lifts two example to try to explain: APS module (high flow system) use the signal of main shaft to make response. Through OSS module (handlers supports a system) the first step that can set speed, precision and exterior quality field to machine a process, in order to make sure contented design and working program ask, even if is single work. Whether can the application that axis of synchronous HSC 5 processes still increase? This basically depends on CAD/CAM system is in the degree of research and development of maneuverability respect. On machine tool and mould manufacturing industry, machine sheet via often can be being encountered the circumstance of the product. Below this kind of circumstance, the adverse element with time-consuming process designing is opposite at handling time it is very remarkable. Graph 4 in small lot and sheet on treatment, use automation part increasingly also. Carry pair of workpiece tray apply, the latent capacity milling that can develop unmanned exercise or almost unmanned operation and electric corrode photograph tie future, the combination of this kind of cost saving still can guide high speed milling and corrode of the heavy report that enter type an a lot of application opportunities, these applied possibility can raise an enterprise to create the competitive capacity that go up in tool and mould on one hand, also can add the vitality with the treatment new infuse of workpiece for accurate machine on the other hand. Another development latent capacity will be in metaphase, equipment of 5 axes machine tool shows the linear drive that contains through all axes. If equipment makes manufacturer and manufacturer of dynamoelectric main shaft maintain connection, will be helpful for an user working in the treatment of HSC and HPM respect. This kind of latent capacity also conduces to implementation machining a system to go up in axis of complex synchronous HSC 5, each components need to obtain the mutual and harmonious, premise condition that cooperates each other. CNC Milling