Numerical control technology is commonly used term

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1) computer numerical value is controlled (ComputerizedNumericalControl, CNC) with the computer control machines a function, realize numeric control. 2) axis (Axis) the standard way that the component of the machine tool can make linear shift along its or circumgyrate moves. 3) machine tool coordinate is (MachineCoordinateSystern) originally to go up on the machine tool, was fiducial Cartesian coordinate department at 0 o'clock with the machine tool. 4) origin of machine tool coordinate (MachineCoordinateOrigin) the origin that machine tool coordinate fastens. 5) workpiece coordinate is fastened (WorkpieceCoordinateSystem) the Cartesian coordinate that originallies to go up on workpiece is. 6) workpiece coordinate origin (Wrok-piexeCoordinateOrigin) workpiece coordinate fastens origin. 7) machine tool at 0 o'clock (Machinezero) the machine tool origin that sets by machine tool manufacturer. 8) referenced position (ReferencePosition) the machine tool starts a when go up along reference axis when use to secure a place, it can be reference with origin of machine tool coordinate fiducial. 9) absolute dimension (AbsoluteDimension) / absolutely coordinate is worth (AbsoluteCoordinates) the linear distance that is apart from one coordinate to fasten origin or angle. 10) increment dimension (coordinate of IncrementalDimension) / increment is worth (IncrementalCoordinates) in the increment that nods in one alignment, each nod the distance of before be apart from a bit or angle value. 11) the smallest increment losing a person (LeastInputIncrement) the unit of the smallest increment that can lose a person in machine program. 12) command increment (LeastcommandIncrement) the unit of the smallest increment with the command mobile reference axis that gives out from numeric control equipment. 13) interpolation (InterPolation) two on wants way or contour line basises between known drop some maths function (for example: Linear, circular arc or high-ranking function) decide its the operation process that the many positional coordinate of the dot intermediate are worth. 14) linear interpolation (LlneInterpolation) this is means of a kind of interpolation, means is here medium, the interpolation between 2 o'clock along sharp drop group will approach, control the movement of cutting tool point-blank along this. 15) circular arc interpolation (Circula:INterpolation) this is means of a kind of interpolation, means is here medium, according to the interpolation number information between two end points, computation gives the point that approachs actual circular arc group, control cutting tool moves along these dots, treatment gives circular arc curve. 16) clockwise arc (ClockwiseArc) cutting tool reference point around orbit center, rotate by direction of negative point of view forms contrail. Direction rotates forms contrail. 17) anticlockwise circular arc (CounterclockwiseArc) cutting tool reference point around orbit center, by angle direction rotates forms contrail. 18) process designing of manual spare parts (ManualPartPrograrnmiog) the authorized strength that has spare parts machine program by hand. 19) process designing of computer spare parts (CornputerPartprograrnrnlng) with the computer and proper general processing program and postposition processing program preparative part program gets machine program. 20) absolutely process designing (AbsolutePrograrnming) with the control that represents absolute dimension the word undertakes process designing. 21) increment process designing (Incrementprogramming) with the control that represents increment measure the word undertakes process designing. 22, 22) Yu Fu (Character) the symbol of a group of elements that is used at representing one organization or control data. 23) control character (ControlCharacter) in appearing at specific information text, state some controls functional character. 24) address (Address) the character that word of a control begins or a group of character, in order to identifies ever since data. 25) block format (BlockFormat) the arrangement of word, character and data in a block. 26) the instruction is piled up (InstructionCode)/ machine is piled up (MachineCode) computer instruction code, machine language, with the code of the instruction that will state the instruction is centered. 27) program name (ProgramNumber) when identifying machine program with number, the number that assigns in the front of each program 28) program name (PrograoName) when identifying machine program with the name, for the name that each program designates. 29) instruction means (CommandMode) the working way of the instruction. 30) block (Block) the gather of a group of handles some kind to come true instructions in the program. 31) part program (PartProgram) in be being machined automatically, the ordinal instruction part that to make automata presses some kind of language effectively or some kind of format writes. Part program is the machine program that is written on medium losing a person, also can be to be what the computer prepares to lose a person, via machine program getting after processing. 32) machine program (MachineProgram) in processing control system automatically, the ordinal instruction part that writes by automata language and format. These dictate the record is on proper medium losing a person, can realize direct operation completely. 33) the program ends (EndofProgram) the auxiliary function that points out workpiece machines an end 34) data ends (EndofData) after all commands of block are carried out, make main shaft function and other function (cool for example function) the auxiliary function that all is deleted. 35) the program pauses (ProgromStop) after all commands of block are carried out, delete main shaft function and other function, stop ever since the auxiliary function of data processing.

36) prepare a function (PreparatoryFunctton) the command that makes machine tool or control system establish treatment function pattern. 37) auxiliary function (MiscellaneouSFunction) a kind of command of the switch function that controls machine tool or system. 38) cutting tool function (ToolFunetion) the format with corresponding basis is normative, identify or move person cutting tool. 39) feed function (FeedFunction) the command that defines standard of feed speed technology. 40) function of main shaft speed (SpindleSpeedFunction) the command that defines standard of technology of main shaft speed. 41) feed maintains (FeedHold) carry out in machine program period ask, interrupt the function of feed temporarily. 42) cutting tool contrail (ToolPath) the contrail that stipulates the dot has walked along on cutting cutting tool. 43) slanted at 0 o'clock buy (ZeroOffset) a kind of feature of numerical control system. It is concessional the origin that numerical control surveys a system is in appoint limits inside opposite at machine tool zero float, dan Jiyong is long in was being put in numerical control system at 0 o'clock. 44) cutting tool slants buy (ToolOffset) in a machine program all or designate a portion, the photograph counterpoint that brings to bear on to go up at machine tool reference axis moves. The displacement direction of this axis by slant buy is worth losing will decide.

45) cutting tool length slants buy (ToolLengthOffset) slant in what direction of cutting tool length predicts advance 46) cutting tool radius slants buy (ToolRadlusOffseO) cutting tool slants in the cutting tool of two coordinate direction buy. 47) cutting tool radius is compensated (CutterCompensation) the displacement that perpendicular Yu Dao provides orbit, the difference that uses the cutting tool radius that amends actual cutting tool radius and process designing 48) speed of feed of cutting tool contrail (ToolPathFeedrate) the datum mark on cutting tool moves at workpiece relatively along cutting tool contrail the speed when, its unit is used normally minutely or the mobile capacity that every turn will express. 49) fixed loop (FixedCycle, cannedCycle) beforehand the command of a few operations of set, according to these operations the command makes sleeve of machine tool coordinate moves, advocate sleeve works, complete fixed treatment action thereby. For example, bore, clang is cut, tap and the compound movement of these treatment. 50) subprogram (Subprogram) the one part of machine program, the subprogram can control a command to call by proper treatment and become effective 51) planning sheet (Planningsheet) the spare parts that prepares for its before the treatment working procedure of work out spare parts machines process watch. 52) executive program (ExecutlveProgram) in CNC system, the instruction that builds serviceability assembles 53) fold (Override) the process designing that makes handlers can alter rate during treatment is worth (for example, rotate speed of feed rate, main shaft) manual control function. 54) servo orgnaization (Servo-Mwchanisnt) this is a kind of servo, among them controlled variable is mechanical position or mechanical position is opposite the derivative of time.

55) error (Error) the difference that computational value, observation is worth or real value and true value, set-point or theory are worth 56) resolution (Resolution) the smallest interval that the disperse of two photographs adjacent can differentiate between the quantity. CNC Milling