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CNC Milling to program

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Normal Align=left> had introduced the method of manual process designing in CNC Turning treatment, in treatment of numerical control milling, because treatment part is complex, use automatic process designing to be able to weave well and truly quickly CNC Machining program. Automatic process designing replaces manual process designing with the computer namely, the operation of the staff that we will introduce how to use system of automatic process designing to have numerical control program through example key here and numerical control machine tool. Normal Align=left>CNC Milling reachs operation measure: Normal Align=left>1) familiar system function and the functional frame that use method understands a system, this is the foundation of CNC Machining process designing, understand ability of CNC Machining process designing, the interface of familiar system reachs use method, understanding system file runs way. Normal >2) main content includes analytic treatment part: Analytic work surface, origin of affirmatory process designing and process designing coordinate are. Normal >3) on the foundation that geometrical modelling analyses in the spare parts, have geometrical model to machining the surface to reach its to restrain a face. Modelling can undertake in system of CAD/CAM compositive process designing, also can undertake in CAD software, change the pattern that can accept for CAM software through the format next, software of the CAD that uses at present, CAM is very much, wait like PRO/E, UG, AUTOCAD, MASTERCAM, CAXA, POWERMILL. Normal >4) the cutting tool kind with the geometrical configuration right option that chooses appropriate cutting tool to reach its to restrain the surface according to machining the surface and cutting tool dimension. Normal >5) generate cutting tool contrail to be opposite for automatic process designing, after deciding when means taking a knife, cutting tool and treatment frequency, the system will produce the cutting tool contrail of a need automatically. Asks treatment parameter includes: Deepness of the rudimental height between contrail of speed of rotate speed of safe height, main shaft, feed, cutting tool, cutting, mental allowance, feed / the means that retreat a knife. Normal >6) test and verify of cutting tool contrail if the system has function of test and verify of cutting tool contrail, cut to may passing, the knife of interference and collision dot, the method of test and verify of cutting tool contrail that uses a system to offer undertakes examining. Normal >7) the numerical control system that postposition processing chooses according to place, call file of data of its machine tool, the postposition that system of process designing of moving numerical control offers handles an order, the knife original document is changed into CNC Machining program. We will combine example introduction to use Mstarcam to undertake the unit process of cargo bandling of automatic process designing and CNC Milling from the back. CNC Milling