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BC Instruments company is processing factory of a large scale computer, have 3 buildings, cover an area of 45 000 square in all foot. However, these 3 buildings are located in bring country of rude lake Schomberg on an alley by 27 freeways. If you rise van car to head for in the sun, you get lost in darkness likely. Even if is such, this company finished a large number of high value to process business however, this are attributed to a company completely to have to be in the ability with whole unique North America. Here is the example of a few spare partses that BCI has machined means to produce through ultrasonic. Tool dish (A) is a kind of particularly intricate work and mould dish, it is the first batch of trade that the factory uses this kind of technology to be machined successfully use one of parts. Magnesian part stabilizes zirconia spare parts (B) made full use of the machine tool can be planted in this maintain on material of extremely difficult treatment 0.

The ability of public errand of position of 0005 inches of opening. A nitrogen spends part of silicon ball valve (C) show this technology still can process this kind of data. The part of pottery and porcelain that takes crucial aperture in another (D) in, the exit after every Kong Jia is versed in looks like the entrance, do not have the trace of disintegrate in any one aspect of the matter. Small chamfer is machined in synthesizing sapphirine (E) the experiment aims to investigate this material to be in the usability of respect of the mould that make. Not regular meeting has gone to discover this kind of ability in the workshop. The business unit of BCI includes large part turning, small part turning, milling and unit of a kind of special project. Although this company is centered on the exercise that specializations quite from beginning to end, but all these business unit use the device that a lot of aircraft processing factories are familiar with. The machine tool of an extraordinary is in by segregation small, inside quieter room, included another business unit among them. BCI is the production manufacturer that North America invests ultrasonic processing technique the first times, this is one kind is developed by German Sauer, promote the technology to the market by DMG now. The reason that BCI buys this machine tool is not completely clear. That that is to say, the market has not been shown completely, and BCI knows to have the market for certain. Machine the manager Anthony Pinder of unit of project data new business, have oneself exercise job. After the mastery of a skill or technique that develops oneself with new technology in BCI tries period of time, mr Pinder turns to his attention search can pay the market of this kind of technical skill. Up to now, ultrasonic machine tool is used at machining spare parts of hard pottery and porcelain in great quantities, among them great majority is used in nuclear energy industry. Having a such part is from the pottery and porcelain that has special challenge sex -- magnesian part stabilizes zirconia to make. Although use common means to machine this below strong voice,plant material is almost impossible, but can replace pick treatment way, compare in its namely soft " green " the treatment below condition also cannot achieve better result, because of material taller shrinkage makes cannot carry noncombatant duty. Client already what this kind of material amounts to settle on 10 years is long, but the way that cannot find the accurate part that makes this kind of material pledge however. Ultrasonic machine tool looks like machining center of a vertical, and its expression special also picture. Main difference acts in cutting. Material purify happens through the vibration of diamond cutting tool. Use ultrasonic to machine means, BCI made a part successfully from this kind of material, maintained very easily 0.

0005 inches public errand. This spare parts expresses palpability why to find relevant market to will need period of time. To the certain treatment that this kind of technology can realize, never cross precedent almost. Mr Pinder says: "I ask client and potential client, because you thought that you cannot be machined and abandon those,processed work last year? " show to the answer of the problem of such potential of new treatment business is very great occasionally. 20, 000 Hz is in ultrasonic treatment, finish cutting by diamond. Ultrasonic vibration can cause the cutting tool that enclothes diamond to arise about 20, the pulse of 000Hz frequency. Of cutting tool expand quickly and contractive meeting gives out likewise fast diamond particle concussion to workpiece. Because this treatment process of hard data involves relatively lesser attrition or quantity of heat. Not only the machine tool is to be this process technically to design, knife clip and cutting tool are same also, they are offerred by DMG. Mr Pinder says, system of this kind of combination can machine any hardness not the material of the diamond penetrate hardness in tower above cutting tool is qualitative. Ultrasonic machine tool looks very like machining center of a vertical. The machine tool still can press machining center same process designing, below certain circumstance, it offers the option of machining center even. These include workbench to fall the 4th with the 5th reference axis. These reference axis can be on the machine tool of BCI process designing, and they can be over on other type help sb to fulfill his wishes treatment of 5 axes outline. Treatment task still comes from vertical machining center even. For example, complex nuclear energy tool is produced with a future life of CNC milling machine before BCI dish, that accession uses aluminous material to pledge. But this spare parts uses pottery and porcelain now, undertake machining through ultrasonic. Mr Pinder says, through supplying this part, BCI found to achieve the channel that receive. Spare parts of this kind of pottery and porcelain won't resemble aluminium wear away easily in that way. Pottery and porcelain is machined to pottery and porcelain, BCI regards his ultrasonic treatment is a lot of pottery and porcelain the more traditional machines means complement that the provider has had. BCI still cooperates with these companies, give this kind of technology and conventional treatment method with dug a from logic and economic respect character suits what to do after all. When some amount of specific spare parts when the too small and undeserved mould that make, machine spare parts of pottery and porcelain. Some is specific the spare parts can be in its are green voice or quench condition issues treatment. Although easier treatment falls in green condition, but this kind of condition just exists before systole only. More accurate treatment must undertake below stronger position, use grinding machine commonly. The material purify rate that quenchs voice falls is inferior -- the 1/10 that machines for green condition likely -- and quench voice grinding returns existence the danger of crackle of second surface generation. Mr Pinder says, ultrasonic treatment is not high speed process on any meanings, but hard to temper by dipping in water pottery and porcelain, its machine speed to be able to achieve 3 times of grinding however. Such manufacturing time can shorten greatly. In addition, the wind strategically located and difficult of access of crackle of second surface generation is small much, because cutting tool is mixed the contact between material is such small. In fact, the probability of disintegrate of this process generation is very small, so that should use ultrasonic to machine means to machine Kong Shi, do not have disintegrate phenomenon even in exit normally. In a lot of quench with what this kind of means machines in spare parts of pottery and porcelain, the entrance of aperture and exit cannot each other are divisional. Be processing technique of ultrasonic pottery and porcelain is put in limited potential market at least this consciousness let BCI offer an opportunity to this kind of machine tool. In the past, the client once requested to revise part of existing pottery and porcelain to the factory. Await in those day, the standard machine tool that BCI tries to use his undertakes this kind is revised (Mr Pinder says, put in very great difficulty and pressure) . Ultrasonic cutting cutting tool has all sorts of norms. The diameter of the smallest diamond cutting tool that shows here is 1.

5 Mm. Nowadays, be like only " magnesian part stabilizes zirconia " the change that the use that waits for term showed to plant institute happens with respect to the help. Having the level of study to ultrasonic machine tool, plant personnel still acquired the property of all sorts of hard data. Previously, they are absent zirconia of magnesian part stability and nitrogen change such as undertake distinguishing between the material such as silicon. Mr Pinder says: "I think all pottery and porcelain are a kind of material in those days. " but now, the someone else inside he and company is familiar with the function of material of all sorts of pottery and porcelain very much, and how to machine them effectively. In if where,be being carried out to ultrasonic, the application of ultrasonic applies undertake BCI is in comparative an expatiation to be able to be helped clarifying the variable that when trying to use this technology, experiments is phyletic. Besides 20, outside 000 Hz pulse, cutting tool still rotates like milling cutter. No less than is in milling treatment same, main shaft speed, speed of along with feed, the help defined the other side such as precision of surface roughness of cutting tool life, surface, dimension and cutting function. But other parameter has specific sex more to this process. For example frequency. 20, the numerical value of 000Hz is word of a large approximate number only. In fact, different cutting tool -- and different cutting tool and knife clip component -- it is better to use different frequency to be able to be behaved. Accordingly, before running a new cutting tool, the operator of BCI tries pool quickly the feedback that a series of ultrasonic frequency examine controller to go up, the search goes to be able to produce good amplitude already, at the same time still the frequency that correspondence answers the relatively stable position on the curve at frequency of this specific cutting tool. Parameter chooses undeserved affirmation to be able to affect cutting tool to wear away, just like like going up in any other machine tools. But, of diamond cutting tool the acutance that can change the size of cutting tool and wearing away is not it. The abrasion with slow material can expose an a lot of diamond blade, because this cutting tool is OK and effective,ground ego wears a top. As a result of this kind of phenomenon, method of optimal cutting tool more incline to at from cutting tool bottom is not from flank cutting. Helix interpolation (be down to helix in Z) it is a kind of current technology. Why because,cutting tool bottom is very more, compare with radial photograph, direction of length of cutting tool edge has more material to be able to wear away. Specific cutting tool is behaved below specific ultrasonic frequency optimal. Finding out correct frequency quickly is the first step that should implement before running new cutting tool. The place in the graph shows the manager of project of a BCI that is machine tool of can skilled use ultrasonic the case that Mike Docker is implementing this measure. To this kind of oscillatory cutting tool, BCI does not depend on the cutting tool of the akin accuracy class that milling cutter user may use to compensate. In need narrow the circumstance of dimension public errand, the factory is used commonly same machine cutting tool two knives. After the first knife is finished, undertake detecting to workpiece, see how much set dimension needs the transverse feed with additional treatment. This kind detects undertake on CMM, because this must move,move work. To finish the new fixed position of this kind of intermediate process simply, the factory installed fast change an orgnaization to be in at the same time ultrasonic machine tool and CMM jacket clip and fixed position tray. This kind of system that plant institute uses produces for Jergens " the ball is locked up " system. Because ultrasonic cutting is slower,occasionally the likelihood needs for a long time, BCI made attempering appropriately be machined in order to have nightly and unmanned guard to the job. Machine tool controller (Xi Menzi product) factory of two features help came true this. A feature is comfortable deserve to control, feed rate can reduce automatically when treatment load increases. This function is very main to containing the nitrogen of hard spot to change silicon normally. Another useful CNC feature is Messenger option, it meets what go up to controller call the police to cease to operator post a letter. Foreground BCI had mastered the use of this kind of technology now, because this had begun,use its the 2nd level. Besides this or any other new technologies " how " (namely principle sex respect) outside the problem, still put forward " why " problem. It is OK below the condition of gain that BCI still does not know this kind of treatment fill what is blank, also do not know it can satisfy what requirement. The suspicion that is put in a large number of corresponding demand to this respect is the foundation that buys this machine tool, but finding these markets will be to make this investment turns into of the effort that capital place must have on the other hand. Mr Pinder says the factory must want to have a few searches, investigation company was not recorded currently or those industries of connection foundation reach an industry. Such search is potential very the travel before resembling the drive car that goes up in 27# freeway before the sun rises. That is to say, you should keep alert -- otherwise you are lost likely advocate wayside a few important things that expecting you. CNC Milling