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Introduced to be in Ban gold design and in production process, to improve Ban gold design, production quality and efficiency, UG software is in Ban gold CAD, the research of respect of CAM / CAE and application. As the ceaseless development of mechanical design automation, software of unifinication of CAD/CAE / CAM emerges in endlessly, UG software is among them one of. UG software can the whole process mechanical design and production is compositive together, it changes through a kind of distinctive parameter and the design of the 3D hypostatic model that faces a part makes a technology, changed traditional design concept, offerred a more intuitionistic, more effective, quicker design way for us. Make in machinery in, use UG software to be able to found model of hypostatic spare parts to reach assemble model, it has athletic imitate function, fictitious assemble function, generation function of project attempt function, advanced numerical control, can undertake in designing a process finite yuan of analysis, orgnaization motion analysis, kinetic analysis is mixed emulation imitate, raise the dependability of the design. Here, make medium application in Ban gold design with respect to UG software only, make preliminary discuss. 1 Ban gold spare parts of gold of Ban of manufacturing industry general situation is the part that has proper form, dimension and property through what punch technique obtains. Because Leng Chong presses craft to have,generate rate is high, suit the advantage such as big batch production, so Ban gold spare parts is in the industry such as machinery of aerospace, car, shipping, mechanical, treatment of chemical industry, commissariat application is very wide, make a main component gradually in trade of current spare parts treatment. The design method of convention of Ban gold part is Ban gold engineer three-dimensional product is conceived in cerebrum, the geometry of repass cerebra is umbriferous, behave the product on 2 dimension design, the workload that the engineer has one most is what pursue in three-dimensional substance and 2 dimension project is mutual in change and checking watch, computation trivally. And production worker wants a planar design to give three-dimensional substance to undertake machining next in the report in cerebrum again -- underline (lofting spreads out) , cut into parts makings, figuration, connection and assemble, take time gives or take a lot of trouble arduous. If go to CAD, production application in manufacturing industry of Ban gold hardware, in using UG software the design of Ban gold spare parts to make especially, can make the design of Ban gold spare parts very quick, make assemble efficiency to be able to rise significantly. Application of 2 UG software devises the main measure in making to Ban gold spare parts 2. The primitive impulse when the design person of spare parts of 1 Ban gold is designing a part is three-dimensional, designing executive result is colored, the three-dimensional substance of the associated notion such as material, hardness, appearance, dimension, position, relevant spare parts, workmanship. But in the design in the tradition, in this both the information between is delivered is planar graph expression completely actually. Because the measure previously is narrow, people must agree jointly in the first quadrant (the United States is the 3rd quadrant) parallel expression of umbriferous 2 dimension view is regular, with finite the three-dimensional tentative idea that the 2 dimension projection drawing of a relevant couplet conveys him. Expression of this kind of information is extremely half-baked, and the person that plot, interpret blueprints wants to pass specialized training undertakes. If can begin to design with three-dimensional concept directly, fall in the support of UG software especially, can convey all geometry parameter that gives design conception well and truly, whole design process is OK and complete discuss on three-dimensional model. UG software offerred the Ban gold that sets for Ban gold only to design Sheet Metal Design of module UG / , the point of view that it can help Ban gold engineer use design and production photograph correlation comes rationalize designs a process, from board makings generate, of each working procedure finish will found Ban gold spare parts stage by stage. It can regard the fictitious environment that is spare parts of gold of Ban of a treatment, the engineer can go up to design and be assembled into travel spare parts in computer screen directly, the making process of the product and real product make a process have a difference hardly, the product on computer screen is the three-dimensional image of prospective product. After design of hardware of individual Ban gold is finished, can have the three-dimensional space model of many spare partses imitate is assembled, each spare parts in assembling a model is relevant: If assembled the some spare parts in the model to make,revise, other spare parts also is made automatically subsequently revise accordingly, shorten greatly thereby the design of the product and treatment are periodic, raise the accuracy of products plan. 2. Of spare parts of 2 Ban gold after spreading out to be finished in design of Ban gold hardware, it is facilitating treatment, want to develop its translate into the plan, wait in order to decide place wants board makings size and the form of board makings. When traditional Ban gold part spreads out, be versed in through the person by experience computation is obtained. Such doing have 3 drawback: (1) workload is big, develop a process trival. (2) efficiency is low, easy to general engineer when spread out generation is wrong. (3) precision is low, spread out to be obtained by experience for the most part, cause stock and artificial many provisions cost. What use Sheet Metal Design of / of UG of module of its Ban gold in UG is automatic develop a function, of spare parts of achievable Ban gold spread out automatically. To developing the appearance that backboard expects and measurement, all can obtain through automatic computation, because this has high speed, high accuracy, 0 wrong rate and the advantage that handle right on the money. 2. The imitate of process of treatment of spare parts of 3 Ban gold uses module of UG / Sheet Metal Design medium develop function and function of aleatoric commutation angle automatically, can undertake imitate to the treatment process of Ban gold spare parts, in order to determine the optimal making course of the spare parts, the analysis for technological efficiency of the spare parts that finish. The selection of the cutting tool that fold a turn is completed in having simulative process to machining a process. 2. The output of craft of treatment of spare parts of 4 Ban gold uses UG / the draw with Drafting powerful module well and truly scale gives function of 2 dimension view the process chart of all sorts of need, of convenient and follow-up working procedure make and examine. As a result of the onefold database of UG, attempt of 2 dimension project and three-dimensional and hypostatic model are completely associated, if Ban gold modelling has,alter, 2 dimension view produces corresponding change automatically also, because this raised 2 dimension greatly,the accuracy of blueprint is mixed efficiency giving a picture. 2. Appearance of platoon of spare parts of 5 Ban gold uses module of UG / Sheet Metal Nesting to be able to be on preform of a wool undertake a variety of optimizing discharge appearance to the spare parts of a certain number of breed. The amount of every kinds of the sort that the user wants to supply a part only, spare parts and place use the norms of board makings, the system can undertake " automatic platoon appearance " , undertake to different assorted position preferred choice. This module still can optimize punch working procedure, reduce cutting tool to change, make relocation of the plank when punch spare parts least. The user still can be below means of seesaw pattern graph go up in plank directly undertake discharging appearance. 2. The work out of program of CNC Machining of spare parts of 6 Ban gold and module of Manufacturing of output UG / offerred complete process designing method to be chosen for process designing personnel. Include 2 axes to come to milling of 5 axes numerical control, 2 axes among them treatment of electric spark of numerical control of cut of line of four-axle numerical control, 3 axes, turn tower type multitask a variety of process instrumentation such as punch. Process designing personnel can undertake numerical control process designing according to need, the treatment that uses UG emulates module to be able to undertake machining emulation to the program of the work out, if treatment effect is not ideal, can in time correct, obtain optimal to machine the effect thereby. 2. The CNC Machining of spare parts of 7 Ban gold uses corresponding postposition transaction file, dao Weiwen the NC code course that is changed into the machine tool to be able to identify, input corresponding numerical control machine tool through serial interface, undertake the CNC Machining of Ban gold spare parts. 3 last words (the subdesign that 1) uses UG software to have Ban gold part, can mix the engineer from part drawing thoroughly the disengagement in the trouble that develops graph scale comes out, with traditional design process photograph is compared more intuitionistic, more efficient; (2) uses CAE module to undertake an analysis, utmost ground decreased to design blemish; (3) uses CAM module, improved process capability and efficiency; (4)UG software still offerred the data port that waits for other software in the light of AutoCAD, make these software can exchange data each other with UG. CNC Milling