What the metal machines cutting tool is armored -- coating

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According to different application the circumstance chooses correct cutting tool coating is one of elements that ensure efficient treatment is the most serious. Right choice coating can reduce every project or every cost, because can reduce attrition; to reduce heat so,go up cold shrink, reduce cutting force; to raise feed speed and rotate speed; to improve workpiece surface to pledge most reduce machine down time. Be aimed at some specific application circumstance to choose correct coating may be a complex and laborious job. Every kinds of coating that can see on the market has its actor drawback, and the choice is undeserved can shrink to snickersnee has life and make problem one disaster after another. The critical factor hardness in coating is very crucial in coating, harder because of material or watch, cutting tool life is longer. The exterior hardness of CVD diamond coating is adjacent 9, 000HV, compare with PVD coating photograph, life of its cutting tool exceeds latter 20 times. This coating suits cutting to be not iron material, because its hardness is tall, and cutting speed is the 2 ~ that do not take coating cutting tool 3 times. Wearability, namely coating prevents tatty ability. Although some kind of data may not be very good, but the element that in producing a course, adds and craft may increase edge damaged or form protuberant possibility. Exterior lubricity, very important, because of coefficient of friction tall meeting increases quantity of heat, shorten coating life or cause coating invalidation. And coefficient of friction is low can add cutting tool life however. Express and smooth -- not coarse or without irregular outline -- make cut bits to express and slide from cutting tool, produce less quantity of heat. Compare with the cutting tool photograph that does not have coating, exterior lubricity still can raise high rate high, the help prevents workpiece to produce model to change. Oxidation temperature, namely the temperature that coating begins invalidation. Oxidation temperature Gao Ke uses the successful rate of the circumstance in high temperature with rising. Spot welding machine prevents adhesion ability, can machine material to adhere to through preventing to chemical reaction produces between cutting tool and cutting material and be prevented on cutting tool. This kind of ability can reduce the tumor that accumulate bits (BUE) , one kind is machining aluminium of such as of nonferrous metal material or the problem that see constantly brassily, bring about cutting tool to break off crack or the spare parts is cut too. Once material begins to be added to cutting tool, continue to stick receive more data. Common coating nitrogen changes titanium (TIN) , it is a kind of general coating, through deposit of physical gas phase (PVD) law is obtained. Hardness of this coating surface amounts to 81HRC, coefficient of friction is 0.

4. It is in 1, 000 ℉ (550 ℃ ) thermal stability is had below temperature, suit Tu Fu at high-speed steel (HSS) cutting tool is used at cutting all sorts of material, include alloy of makings of iron base material, blame and alloy steel to reach quench steel. Carbolic nitrogen changes titanium (TICN) , change titanium to have more carbon than nitrogen, hardness is taller (90HRC) , exterior lubricity is better (coefficient of friction 0.

3) . This coating also suits HSS cutting cutting tool very much, have taller wearability, suit to process data of more difficult treatment, chromic alloy of steel of cast-iron, aluminium alloy, tool, copper, nickel, titanium alloy reachs such as nonferrous metal. Nitrogen changes aluminous titanium (TIALN) , it is a kind of high-powered coating, exterior hardness exceeds 80HRC. Because be mixed in cutting tool cut an alumina is formed between bits -- transfer heat from cutting tool, in transfer a part or cutting bits -- because this is below high temperature,still maintain its tall hardness. Its are able to bear or endure primely oxidisability can achieve unapproachable performance in high temperature treatment. Because hard alloy cutting tool is using the case that does not use cooling fluid even rarely to fall, can use cutting rate a lot of taller than HSS, when making coating to hard alloy cutting tool accordingly, TIALN is first selection. TIALN coefficient of friction is less than TIN, steel of cast-iron to machining wear-resisting and such as of difficult treatment material, aluminium alloy, tool reachs nickel alloy, its have superior performance. This coating is had very tall extend a gender, it is the good choice that interrupted cutting operates. Nitrogen melts titanium aluminium (ALTIN) , contain aluminously most those who compare TIALN is tall, have taller list and hardness, have alumina layer, good cutting tool life is had in high temperature treatment, it is the good choice that high speed machines. Boron changes titanium (TIB2) coating, want than TIN and TIALN coating hard, have unusually smooth face, because this surface grinds the low, velocity of flow that cut bits fast, wearability is good. In addition, because this kind of coating has very low affinity to aluminium, because this can prevent,accumulate bits tumour. Recommend with Yu Gui aluminous, titanium, magnesium and copper alloy are machined. Nitrogen changes chromium (CRN) , also call rainbow coating. Be able to bear or endure high corrupt sex, tall hardness (90 ~ 92HRC) , wear away flexibility and hot changeover sex are good, suit to process all data almost, include alloy of tall silicon aluminium, stainless steel, tall nickel, titanium and composite material to wait. Coefficient of friction is unusually low, for 0.

027, its lubricity exceeds TIN, TICN, TIALN and ZRN coating. Of this coating it is unusually good to prevent adhesion sex, the first choice in the application that because this is easy generation,accumulates bits tumour. CRN coating ply is 0.

00065 inches (close 0.

01651MM) , can ensure treatment workpiece carries the noncombatant duty of a need. Diamond coating, deposit of chemically gas phase (CVD) craft is made, achieve highest treatment performance to be not iron material. They suit composite material of matrix of cutting black lead, metal (aluminium of MMC) , tall silicon and a lot of other wear-resisting material. Diamond coating must not be used at processing steel, because the heat of generation will cause chemical reaction, destroy the agglutinate between coating and cutting tool matrix. The coating that is used at good treatment falls in the global competition of cost of low labor power, a lot of mould factories change hard mill to treatment. Hard mill, combinative high speed is machined (HSM) technology, process data of high tensile strength, and if use high-speed steel cutting tool,cannot realize economic treatment. The doorsill of hard mill is exceeded from tensile strength 1, the material of 800MPA or 52HRC begins. Cutting material is metal of microcrystalline hard alloy, pottery and porcelain or cubic nitrogen to change boron commonly (CBN) , cutting is to use those who compress air to do type to finish normally. To protect hard alloy Dao Jiji body does not suffer the high temperature that good treatment produces to affect, had better use high-powered TIALN coating. Coating structure (administrative levels) and composition is related to specific application, if structure of cutting tool geometry is same. TIALN coating is OK divide by monolayer, only group layer, multilayer a variety of coating structure composition, the alternant layer of such as TIN and TIALN coating or very thin accept rice layer. Coating of odd constituent layer can raise lubricity, multilayer the structure can assure taller hear resistance. Diamond coating solves composite material to machine the advanced and compound machine that difficult problem uses one kind at F-35 to atttack battleplan jointly easy generation is excessive and statified when material of surface of look forward to is machined phenomenon. National national defense is made and machining center and its alliance partner -- coating of cutting tool of company of AMAMCO cutting tool, diamond, Kennajin belongs to limited company, MCCULLOUGHMACHINE and MOT company -- developed a kind to aim the means of settlement of structure of geometry of milling cutter of ameliorative spy form and material and cutting tool coating. The DIATIGER that chose to be produced by LLC of coating of diamond cutting tool is multilayer diamond coating serves as special the coating of form milling cutter. The diamond brilliant bodily form of unique structure locks up a layer into each other. Can prevent what be pounded as a result of machinery and arise to wear away well, model changes, conglutinate wears away and cutting blade injury. DIATIGER coating recommends the treatment that is used at difficult treatment nonferrous metal and composite material. New cutting tool strategy improved the life of cutting tool greatly. Place of every wing surface needs cutting tool to count most reduce 2 from 24 original -- 1 is used at rough machining. 1 is used at finish machining. Cutting distance increased 6 times -- 9 feet from before (close about 2.

The 1/3 of ply of 74M) , total material inch, raise 57 inches (close 1.

Ply of 448M) complete data. These are improved make every wear a plane to be able to save 80 thousand U.S. dollor. CNC Milling