Swing punch riveting technology

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Swing punch riveting technology and traditional riveting technique have same riveting quality, but the riveting relay that its need was reduced however 70% , accordingly, collect report of in order to to move a tool to undertake to workpiece for power plant riveting is machined. The feasibility of new to this kind riveting technology already was offerred sufficient affirmation by the manufacturing application of large quantities of quantities, this technology already had the requirement that produces application actually. Reducing riveting force is to develop development to swing the jumping-off place of punch riveting technology. Swinging in punch riveting, the motion of riveting drift is by the swings to rotate and be formed compound motion of the fluctuation reciprocate of drift and riveting drift axial, the athletic contrail of riveting drift formed a cone, namely: When fluctuation reciprocate is being made along drift axes direction in riveting drift, the axial of drift still rotates along conic surface around the acme with conic move, on the foundation of this kind of compound motion, the plank that drift punch, riveting is machined. The development development of this one technology got Fraunhofer creates technology and automation institute (IPA) support energetically. Company joint efforts finished IPA and Tox punch technology to swing the industrialized big batch of punch riveting technology produces a test. Test result makes clear, swing punch riveting technology can apply at at present all robot riveting tools on the market. IPA and company of Tox punch technology use a car to produce the most commonly used plank ZStE 340 in the domain and Ecodal aluminium board to swinging the technical parameter of punch riveting undertook optimizing. Finishing technical parameter after optimizing, development of land of success of cooperative both sides developed clamp of riveting of big cantilever robot, its cantilever span can amount to 850mm. The riveting relay that needs when riveting as a result of this technology is very small -- be less than 20kN, accordingly, dynamoelectric tool is used to regard riveting as the motivation of equipment in can imagining the process of groovy plank riveting in auto industry. The big batch that a month controls the by a definite date that two cars manufacturer has produces an experiment to prove, this technology already had the requirement that produces application actually. They are used swing punch riveting technology was finished 1.

The riveting task of the contact of many 40 riveting of assembly of 20 thousand cars. Manufacturing metre experiment also proves: Swing the riveting skill that the mobile time that punch riveting technology handles in each riveting contact does not compare a tradition is chief, it is riveting time only more than traditional riveting time dot, but the weight as a result of punch riveting clamp light, volume is minor, make riveting robot has very good motor-driven property. For instance, it is OK and fast, agile the riveting position office that the ground moves to have keep out to car assembly, the athletic rate of the robot can rise 10% ~ 15% . In experiment of big batch production, new-style riveting technology applies successfully at lock of car door hinge, hatchcover to increase board and enclothe outside the car in riveting. Of material of standard armor plate swing proof of punch riveting experiment: Swing the riveting machinery intensity that place of punch riveting technology achieves does not compare traditional riveting craft to differ, use ZStE 340 armor plate and Ecodal the circumstance of aluminium board and plank of AC 120 aluminium alloy had shown this. The service life of drift and die also is mixed with traditional riveting drift the service life of die is almost same. Nextpage is in riveting quality respect, swing the product quality that punch riveting technology comes out than treatment of traditional riveting technology even is even good. Via examining, the change of odd ply dimension of punch riveting workpiece is very little, in producing batch each, all can assure lesser dimension public errand. Carry out a proof: Swing punch riveting technology can be rivalled with photograph of traditional riveting technology. Of riveting tool weight reduce make riveting robot is having larger mobile space, bigger cantilever to machine function. Swing deftly the traditional riveting facility that punch riveting clamp can replace ponderosity completely, increased the flexibility of manufacturing facilities greatly. The geometrical figure that because swing,the riveting that punch riveting finishs chooses is finite, and great majority is a circle. Current, it still cannot replace all traditional riveting craft. Additional, because swing,the athletic contrail of punch riveting drift submits conic form, because this space that it takes up is more traditional also,riveting drift wants a few bigger. The span that nods when riveting is the smallest when be 50mm, can form what join at many o'clock together to swing punch riveting. Because the athletic contrail of drift shows round taper, because this also must notice,stay on workpiece brim proper edge is apart from. Continue next the target of research and development is: Will use swing the level that the cost that punch riveting place requires reduces traditional riveting. Swing at present interconnected system of punch riveting total system or the case of each riveting contact will tell, achieve this one goal already by a definite date is not far. The riveting relay that because swing,punch riveting place needs is lesser, the weight of the riveting clamp that accordingly riveting robot needs also can be reduced, can use " lightweight " robot, such cost are inferior, more economy. Additional, light-duty riveting clamp allows a robot to move with higher rate, this also can rise swing the economic benefits of punch riveting technology. Of car hatchcover swing punch riveting swings the characteristic of punch riveting technology and traditional riveting technology photograph are compared, swing the advantage of punch riveting technology is as follows: ● swings the riveting relay that punch riveting place needs was reduced 70% ; What ● increased riveting clamp is dangerous extend a distance, can the panel with riveting larger size; Because ● reduced riveting relay, because this also can use light-duty riveting clamp and riveting tool, this makes clamp of the riveting in traditional before riveting not easy arrival place also can undertake riveting; The riveting tool with the riveting clamp with light-duty ● and compact structure raised riveting clamp to choose the athletic career between in each riveting; The riveting tool with the riveting clamp with light-duty ● and compact structure allows to use small-sized riveting robot; ● riveting dead load intensity keeps changeless; ● does not increase riveting to machine man-hour; ● can have link with the common robot arm on the market. CNC Milling