With two the cutting tool that be not mark replaces 6 standards lathe tool

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Cover treatment to realize more efficient bearing, accurate turning manufacturer Schuhmacher GmbH considers to employ solution of compound cutting tool. Use two cutting tool that be not mark to replace 6 standards lathe tool. The cutting tool expert that is located in Tubingen covers with tiles Er spy company offers this comprehensive solution. Ink Media=screen Href="http://e-cuttech.


Css" Type=text/css Rel=stylesheet> pursues 1 machine tool, environmental caption: Strong pattern enters lathe of glassware double axis, use at undertaking follow-up bearer is made to be cleaned in order to come true, measure the manipulator with stow. Use this device, schuhmacher can be produced every year 200, 000 bearing are covered (except other content outside) . Graph caption of 2 combination cutting tool: Use at be in main shaft and deputy main shaft (left) on turning combines two kinds of Waerte that treatment bearing covers cutting tool. Complex part involves a lot of associated elements normally, need is mixed with a variety of technology measures apply a variety of cutting tool to shorten manufacturing time. Adoption alone technology is more, optimized possibility is larger. Anyhow, normally OK and managing handling time of a few minutes. To involving the simple spare parts of a few working procedure to machine only character, optimize difficulty bigger. Below this kind of circumstance, ratio expert always tries to save a few seconds: Measure larger part in treatment especially when. But, it is the daily bread that this kind of spare parts is maintaining a lot of engineer SME fitly: Turning, sell needle, bushing and of all kinds axis for example. This kind of circumstance also applies to the company of Schuhmacher Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH that is located in Germany to apply the root that send glad. This company is annual the design, turning work that produces about 1800 relatively complex kinds of different material, some material need additional treatment, and some data had been assembled already completely. The bearing that the diameter that makes by 16MnCr5 also includes to be 65mm for 51mm, length in indent is covered; Annual order is 200, 000. As a result of enormous price pressure, schuhmacher company is forced to shorten bushing handling time from 58 seconds to 45 seconds. The bearing in example is covered for cylindrical bearing is covered, these parts have treatment difficulty, in this example, circularity of overall length, internal diameter and two parallelism public errand of end panel are in 0.

Inside 02mm limits, the wall of a few millimeter is large the job that makes internal diameter treatment becomes one Xiang Ji hand. The clip of clamp system holds force to need reduce appropriately; Otherwise, bushing may be out of shape. This is meant, the implementation that machines dependability allows to be put in relatively lesser cutting force only. Below this kind of circumstance, to aiming to shorten the bigger cutting deepness of run time is mixed parameter of high speed cutting, rising is very finite. With respect to lathe of Takamaz X200 double axis and its peripheral character, schuhmacher developed a whole world general and consistent plan: Use strong pattern to send clamp the system raw material into glassware. After treatment, carry a system to be able to carry bushing be in to manipulator. At first, the spare parts move after this manipulator will be machined stands to cleanness, carry again next to measure a station to undertake full automatic 100% measure, the bushing that shapes treatment finally is put on tray. End at present, treatment exercise plans to still need to use 6 cutting tool to have end panel treatment, in-house turning and the individual treatment technology such as treatment pouring wine cup. 3 cutting tool are used at main shaft operation, additionally 3 are used at operation of deputy main shaft. Come in move before deputy main shaft, the machine tool will undertake breaking up operating to good stuff. What exclusive need optimizes is end panel treatment and craft of treatment pouring wine cup. Because thinner bushing wall makes break up an operation to exist scarcely,optimize demand, accordingly this by oversight, the purpose is treatment of new configuration machine tool. Treatment bearing covers, the assorted cutting tool of main shaft (left) the assorted cutting tool that machines deputy main shaft (right) graph Nextpage of 3 combination cutting tool pursues 4 personnel caption: Marc Etter(is left) (German made of baked clay Er is special company technical adviser and selling manager) produce department manager) with numerical control of company of Thomas Haller(Schuhmacher Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH. Graph 5 personnel caption: From left arrive right: ) of standing director of company of Dominik Schuhmacher(Schuhmacher Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH; Made of baked clay Er of Marc Etter(Germany is special company technical adviser and selling manager) ; Thomas Haller(numerical control produces department manager) . How does the cutting tool design on the machine tool machine dot of test and verify and consistent manufacturing environment to save the time of the requirement according to the spare parts? This is accurate turning a problem that manufacturer covers with tiles to tool supplier Er spy company puts forward, the company has been aimed at Waerte to covered the other spare parts besides to provide cutting tool except bearing. Standing trustee Dominik Schuhmacher elaborated their requirement: "We tell Waerte -- the spare parts that this is us, that is our lathe and treatment craft, the demand that asks you to think to fall and tell us how to satisfy a client " . The first pace is right involved part, lathe and treatment craft undertake fundamental analysis. Germany covers with tiles the technical adviser of Er spy company and selling manager Marc Etter say: "The goal that we realize to only an ability of brand-new cutting tool concept helps us realize hope " . Regard a seasoned application as the engineer, mr Etter plans to replace standard cutting tool with assorted cutting tool. The manager Thomas Haller of he and branch of Schumacher company numerical control designed cutting tool of two kinds of combination together, one is used at main shaft to operate (deserve to have) of 4 razor blade, another is used at deputy main shaft to operate (deserve to have) of 3 razor blade. To shorten according to expectation total handling time, need considers two main factors, eliminate namely change knife and shorten as far as possible the journey. Marc Etter says: "Designing a machine tool to use the cutting tool that be not mark is not the thing that you need to do everyday, but such doing very effective. Normally, you in drawing office is not undertake designing beside the machine tool " . Thomas Haller complements: "Of course, the practice that we offer unusual plan very gladly supports " . The design of these two treatment experts is referred to the drawing office of manufacturer of tool of graph guest root, and therefrom is made to cutting tool by move workshop. After use razor blade undertakes fine tuning, the result is close friends than what set at first: Assorted cutting tool needs 38 seconds only. Altogether, the handling time that this means every bearing to cover can shorten 20 seconds. Conclude accordingly, one year we can be in in much time this respect is managing many hours 1100. Need to undertake a few fine tuning only, the reason is razor blade of Tiger · Tec&rightt; WPP20 makes cutting parameter rises appropriately. Marc Etter explains: "When the material that chooses bit and cutting cutting tool, we must mediate many elements, especially strict homocentric force restricts degree of cutting that arises with radial and jumpy public errand and inferior clamping force. The makes by WPP20 bit that we choose has 4 different groove look in all (depend on) of individual treatment craft, cut bits to flow to and satisfy the requirement that pack it is weller to can be formed with a kind of optimal way. " Waertedi combines cutting tool for two kinds, its use the DIN ISO bit that is based on Mono Block design with Waerte CAPTO interface. This interface is being introduced on double axis machine tool is another kind of innovation. Tower of standard VDI knife deserves to have a proper adapter, pack cutting tool with Yu An. By right of Waerte Capto changes interface quickly, the user can save the shutdown time that arises because of wearing away greatly. Dominik Schuhmacher sums up: "We assume the company will use cutting tool of more this kind of combination. If the amount is larger, so this kind of solution will gain a success inside the period that can foreknow in " . Accurate turning with more product Germany the company of Schuhmacher Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH of the root established Siwabiyashipaxin 1949, its product range had exceeded traditional turning far at present supplier. This company regards a system as the partner at present, can be in early design phase offers a proposal to the client (if need) . Flexibility is a of company plan important facet: Schuhmacher produces prototype, trial-produce batch product, undertake medium dimensions and large-scale batch are produced. Its supply limits to include turning with the part that assembles completely. Material limits covers every kinds of material that you can think of almost: Schumacher machine tool is mixed with steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metal, light metal plastic. Punctual to needing to undertake the big batch product that turns order to supply, schuhmacher also organized content to shed a service. The typical product that graph 7 Schuhmacher produces. Because the company has versatility, accordingly its client spreads all over a lot of different industry domains, incorporate technology of technology of project of auto industry, electric project, hydraulics, aviation and spaceflight industry, mechanical equipment, medical treatment, horological industry and join. This company has about 100 stuff, year turnover is 11 million euro about. In going 5 years, the company created company of the 2nd production in Czech republic. CNC Milling