Suit the new-style vertical machining center that the workshop machines

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Graph Mr 1 Denes Szabo and his brotherly Mr George and Mr Mike are operating the machine tool of Mile-Hi company, on the machining center of vertical of new-style Feeler VMP-1100 that runs mix of a spare parts this workshop. Previously, this workshop produces such larger part, can press need to locate through repeating for many times on the workbench of lesser machining center only, the Feeler vertical machining center that the treatment that section completes this part provides by company of Methods machine tool helps this workshop produce larger part more effectively with more accurate ground. Today higher and higher to manufacturing industry demand case falls, to retain competitive actual strength, to a few companies, it is to ask job of their job that finish is insufficient only, these companies still must find out excellent treatment method. Produce a problem to prevent to operate, the administrative layer of Mile-Hi mechanical company decides to reconsider recently effective, but slower and the groovy practice with higher risk. To larger part, this workshop is not to use lesser machining center, grading finishs cutting to machine the task, purchased machining center of a bigger Feeler VMP-1100 vertical from company of Methods machine tool however. Use new-style machine tool to undertake machining to the large part of this workshop, besides economic production time, return the risk that can reduce occurrence mistake, rose to machine precision. Mile-Hi mechanical company is an accurate machine job shops, be located in division collect to help the Arvada city of much city. 1969, mr Mike Szabo established this company, through old development, this company bought that building that built 1980. To 1997, the business dimensions of this company increased one times. Nowadays, the business of the company by 3 sons of Mr Szabo -- Mr George, Mr Mike and Mr Denes joint management. They recruited 12 employee, be said according to them, of this company average year sale is 1.1 million dollar. 15 vertical machining center and 5 lathe are had inside the manufacturer of this company. Its client includes air base of Martin company, Kelly and Cobe laboratory, accordingly, the treatment professional work that provides this workshop is stabler, its scope of business involves the trade such as national defence, medical treatment and aerospace. Among them business of aluminous material treatment is occupied 60% , rolled steel is occupied 35% , the others is plastic, bronze and brass. President Mr George Szabo of this company says, besides requirement of contented and strict tolerancepublic errand dimension, the main challenge of this job shops is the government that produces the job to tall mixture sex, small lot, at the same time need makes sure requisite quality is mixed repeat precision, hold to a client to put forward of 100% examine requirement. His explanation says, to achieve this goal, this company installed quality controller of a full-time, quality to control room and quality inspection system, offer a 3 coordinate to measure machine, undertake dogging in the round checking to product quality. "Each spare parts is different, the workshop is facing the challenge of tall mixture sex and business of short-term operation management, be in any day, you may need to make two or the prototype of 3 spare partses, or production gives 1000 parts. " Mr Denes Szabo of company of graph 2 Mile-Hi was shown in this workshop the 7050 planes that machine on machining center of new-style Feeler VMP-1100 vertical prop up crossbeam recently 2011, a potential client came to Mile-Hi mechanical company, ask its make a 1/4in (1in=25.

4mm) the roof that aluminium makes medical treatment serve a car. Its dimension is 23in × 22in, the size of this component exceeded this workshop the size range of pipe bent of any vertical machining center. In the past, this workshop can use the means that repeats fixed position continuously on vertical machining center, as the operation undertake, grading completes these 10 treatment. However, face a not firm economy, mr Szabo thinks, use the treatment strategy that debugs a setting and the potential error that arise because of this for many times, undeserved risk this risk. "I need journey of axis of a Y to be the machine tool of 24in at least, ability is effective the ground, come to 10 to machine this with better cost effectiveness, " he says. Mr Szabo studied a lot of machine tools, but discover its quality and dependability are deficient in somewhat. After this, he learns Methods company to provide machine tool of new series Feeler, discover among them a machine tool is more appropriate, the price is more reasonable also. Milling machine of type of door of center of these machining center, turning, dragon and boring milling machine, be by Fair Friend Group (FFG) the group makes according to the technical standards of Methods company and engineering design, can satisfy the requirement of American market. Nextpage pursues 3 have a bigger size range of pipe bent besides its besides, machining center of Feeler VMP-1100 vertical still has enough precision, the dimension of close public errand that can satisfy medical treatment of Mile-Hi mechanical company, aviation and other nicety to machine place to need asks Mile-Hi mechanical company had established good business relation with Methods company, accordingly, according to the proposal of this supplier, choose and buy VMP-1100 machine tool, this is a very easy decision, mr Szabo says. "Up to now, the machine tool that we use Methods firm has had history of 30 years, " his explanation says. "We have hope, if Methods company gives support to Feeler machine tool, so we can achieve the performance that we require and quality requirement certainly. " the power of main shaft drive of this vertical machining center is 25HP, rotate speed 10000r/min, the journey of its X, Y and Z axis is 43.

× of 3in × 24in 23.

6in, when a client pressing requirement when we machine component of aerospace of 18in of × of a 30in, this machine tool confirmed its efficient character first. This spare parts asks besides severe tolerancepublic errand measure and quick delivery besides, the treatment project that still belongs to a high visibility -- this client wants to be in treatment process, visiting factory, examine in the spot these spare partses. Mr Denes Szabo of company of graph 4 Mile-Hi is in company of Mile-Hi of the job on the control system of machining center of vertical of new-style Feeler VMP-1100 uses this workshop this Feeler machine tool and a few cutting tool, through one-time shift trial assembly gets stuck, completed the cutting treatment of whole spare parts, compare with the craft photograph previously, require less operation step only, mr Szabo says. And handling time decreased 25% , precision rises. Process large work debug a setting the time is less, this conduces to more effective ground raising whole to operate a level. Same, the idle time of the machine tool decreases, productivity rises further. The fact also proved this machine tool is reliable, from November 2010 since the portion, this machine tool all the time with every week 7 days, everyday of 24h move ceaselessly, had not appeared any problems. In fact, since this company installs this machine tool oneself, added new client again, treatment portfolio rose 10% , mr Szabo says: "We discover Feeler VMP-1100 machine tool special agree with our treatment business. "We discover Feeler VMP-1100 machine tool special agree with our treatment business.. CNC Milling