CAE technology applies mediumly in system of injection mould refrigeration

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Summary: The design of system of injection mould refrigeration not only matter to model quality and also matter to inject to shape manufacturing efficiency. Because of model what use plastic function, model structure and shape craft parameter is different, the injection mould requirement to its refrigeration system is not identical also. The article elaborated CAE(Moldflow) technology to be in plastic products (buffet upper cover) inject shapes the application in cooling system is hand-in-hand travel imitate analysis, the result that analyses according to refrigeration put forward to optimize plan accordingly, achieved favorable cooling result finally. Keyword: CAE; Cooling system; Mould temperature; Imitate analyses preface to be in Injection Molding, mould temperature affects model directly quality (for example: Warpage, shrinkage, be able to bear or endure stress craze sex) , the productivity of the temperature of the ability full a pattern of fuse-element, fuse-element and Injection Molding. Pass thermoregulation, maintain proper mould temperature, can reduce product be out of shape, enhance goods the mechanical function, surface quality that improves product, raise product measure precision; In the meantime, shorten the cooling time that takes whole inject total cycle time to make an appointment with 80 % , this will be helpful for improving the productivity of Injection Molding. Accordingly, analyse and optimize the cooling system that designs Injection Molding pattern, model is helpful for on certain level of quality rise to be reduced with what produce cost. The factor that the element of system of 1 influence refrigeration affects system of refrigeration of the model that note model is very much. Be like model the design of structural appearance and cent face, the sort of cooling medium, temperature, velocity of flow, the geometrical parameter of cooling conduit and space are decorated, mould material, fuse-element temperature, model the top of the requirement gives temperature, mould temperature, model the hot loop interact that asks with the mould, cooling time. For example, raise mould temperature to be able to increase make cooling time, increase the warp after making a shrinkage and drawing of patterns, make shape cycle also can be lengthened because of the addition of cooling time, reduce productivity; On the other hand, drop mould temperature, although can shorten cooling time, improve productivity, but, this will reduce fuse-element the ability of going from place to place inside modular antrum, bring about make the internal stress with a larger generation perhaps form apparent frit wiring mark to wait make a defect. The temperature when the accident of cooling time decided to make a drawing of patterns and shape periodic accident, affect the discretion of product cost and quality directly. Be based on the analysis of element of above many sided, considered MPI/Cool to offer pair of cooling conduit (include clapboard canal, gush to shed tube of canal, join) , set piece, a variety of mould material, cold flow and border of hot flow path, cent face and mould is opposite temperature of mould and goods, these designed cooling system to provide reliable basis to optimize. The refrigeration of the 2 models that note model is analysed 2.

Of 1 model build reach shape of craft parameter beforehand size of buy buffet upper cover is 250mm of × of 500mm × 480mm, the ply of whole product all is 3mm. Apply PROE to obtain the three-dimensional model of product of buffet upper cover above all, and with * .

The file format of Stl guides in Moldflow. Undertake to making a form with Fusion reseau differentiates next and use finite the relevant software of yuan of method undertakes finite yuan of rehabilitate, the parameter that obtains finally is as follows: Face unit counts =11185, node counts =5680, match rate =79 unitly.

0 % . Of cooling analysis beforehand buy craft parameter is as follows: Choose Polyflam Rpp1058-295(PP) into profile makings, mould temperature 50 ℃ , frit temperature spends 230 ℃ , time flying a model 5 seconds, note model to protect when pressing refrigeration, ask add up to 30 seconds, fill control, speed / pressure control changeover is automata, protect press control to be fill pressure and time relation, use acquiescent value. In cooling system, beforehand the layout that buy cooling pipe, basis model structure beforehand buy cools 3 times conduit, the diameter of cooling conduit is 10mm; Cooling medium is water, its temperature is 25 ℃ , flow rate 2.

54L/min; Population Reynolds coefficient is 10000; Imitate analyses flow to be Cool mode. 2.

2 refrigeration analyse cooling analysis is to use the heat inside analytic mould to deliver, basically include model wait with the temperature of the mould, cooling time. Decide cooling system performance actors or actress the element of bad is as follows: Colophony fuse-element conducts rate to the heat of the mould; In whole pattern from plastic fuse-element / metallic interface arrives metal / the heat of refrigerant interface conducts rate; From the metal / the refrigerant interface conduction to refrigerant rate. Heat up the performance that delivered function to decide cooling system namely, the factor that affects plastic fuse-element to deliver rate to the heat of mould wall among them has: The material function of fuse-element, if specific heat, heat conducts ability; The temperature gradient between fuse-element and modular wall; The osculatory function between fuse-element and mould. MPI/Cool adopts pair of moulds, goods, cooling system conduct heat analysis, offerred rich imitate to analyse a result for the user: (1) cooling time. Be in to assure goods drawing of patterns from time to tome enough strength, be out of shape with preventing hind of drawing of patterns to happen, want to decide right cooling time; MPI/cool can be calculated the cooling time that the solidify per cent of complete solidify or user set needs product. (The temperature of 2) antrum surface distributings. Model antrum surface temperature has main effect to product quality. MPI/Cool can of imitate inject cycle model antrum surface temperature distributings, the even rate that helps technologist decide mould temperature and the mould temperature that whether reach stuff place requirement. To neuter scale model, MPI/Cool still can be calculated goods fall of two lateral temperature. (The temperature of direction of 3) goods ply distributings. The temperature that goods gives hour in the top is the main factor with affirmatory whether reasonable cooling time. If temperature is exorbitant, need to strengthen refrigeration or extend cooling time appropriately; And temperature is too low, explain cooling time is too long. MPI / Cool can forecast goods to give way of hour edge ply in the top the temperature of different position distributings, highest temperature is in the position of ply direction, the change of the average temperature of edge ply direction and direction of ply of edge of some unit temperature. (The solidify time of 4) goods. The temperature of basis mould surface casts the time that complete solidify place needs product. (The temperature of 5) cooling medium distributings the temperature that reachs cooling conduit surface distributings. The temperature difference between surface of the temperature change of cooling medium, cooling conduit and cooling medium is the important basis that decides whether refrigeration is effective. Graph the 1 partial result that is analysis of imitate of first time refrigeration. Among them (A) showed make exterior temperature distributinging condition; Graph (B) showed make exterior temperature distributinging condition; Graph (C) showed the total time that makes a solidify place need; Graph (D) showed cooling pipe distributinging state -- namely the temperature of refrigerant. Graph the imitate above the result basis that 3 cooling imitate analyse result of analysis of 1 cooling imitate to reach its to improve as a result analyses a result, if pursue 1 in (A) place is shown, can see cooling pipe and did not achieve the cooling result that expect, in cooling pipe only all round area refrigeration effect is idealer, the area temperature of the others is higher, and be by the side of the model is individual horny temperature is exorbitant. So beforehand the effect that the parameter of the cooling pipe of buy and its layout have cooling to its is not ideal. From the graph 1 medium (B) graph can see make the result of average temperature slightly good at making an exterior temperature kill. But same report gave the blemish with cooling insufficient strength; From the graph of 1 (the fall difference of the entrance that refrigerant can see in D) graph and outlet temperature achieved 6 ℃ , explain cooling conduit cannot be satisfied make a cooling need, the cooling power of cooling system remains to rise. The amount that to cooling pipe according to preliminary analysis result and layout undertook modification. Analyse through relapsing similarly for many times, quite, after revising: The number of cooling conduit increases by 3 conduit of first time it is 9. In temperature higher area increased cooling conduit, optimized conduit distribution. In the meantime, the diameter of will cooling conduit increases 12mm by original 10mm, the population temperature of refrigerant reduces 23 ℃ from original 25 ℃ . The setting after revising, see the graph is shown 2 times, undertake the flow imitate of MPI/Cool is analysed again. The result after improving achieved expectant result, if pursue,2 are shown. Among them, graph (A) shows make exterior temperature is improved somewhat, graph (the fall difference of the entrance of D) indication refrigerant and outlet temperature is reduced somewhat. Graph the result that imitate of the 2 refrigeration after improving analyses the article passes 4 conclusion specific imitate analysed example to affect inject to shape all sorts of elements of cooling system, all sorts of results that analyse according to dynamic imitate put forward corresponding improvement plan. The result makes clear: The cooling system of the injection mould after optimizing achieved expectant cooling result, shortened at the same time the design cycle of the mould gave cooperative manufacturer to bring obvious economic benefits. CNC Milling