Fictitious production technology develops medium application in new-style mechanical and electrical products

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As the rapid development of science and technology, consumer is right mechanical and electrical products besides must satisfy its to ask basically, still have taller and taller hope to quality and exterior modelling. The development staff basis that this is about to seek a company market demand, design the new product of much breed, much norms quickly. The market that changes quickly to suit grows, in 20 centuries 80 time evening appears a kind of new advanced production technology - fictitious production technology. The traditional development mode of mechanical and electrical products is mode of level of body of a kind of line, product development process is ordinal process, designing inchoate cannot foreknow in the round the producibility of the product, can assemble satisfaction of gender and quality reliability, user to spend wait for a variety of elements, make need be revised repeatedly to prototype from the design perfect, the cycle that makes the product is developed long, cost is high, quality also is achieved hard best. As the rapid development of ceaseless progress of the society and science and technology, people already stayed on practicable foundation no longer to the requirement of mechanical and electrical products, enter consumptive level of individuation gradually however. The product is close friends already with, the exterior modelling, color aesthetic appeal that should accord with consumer individual again, the development staff basis that this is about to seek a company the demand of the market, design the new product of much breed, much norms, small lot immediately, make for consumer much to the choice. The tradition is serial design and the market demand that production technology gets used to to change quickly hard, to solve the problem that manufacturing industry faces, in 20 centuries 80 time evening appeared a kind of new advanced production technology - fictitious production technology. Fictitious make (Virtual Manufacturing) is virtual reality (the application of Virtual Reality) technology in manufacturing industry. It uses IT, emulation technology, computer technology to make the person in the activity, content, information reach production process to undertake comprehensive emulation to reality. Application of fictitious production technology is developed at the product in, call fictitious product development. The production system module such as existing CAD/CAPP/CAM/CAE, ERP, PDM, SCM, CRM, basically be aimed at product complete lifecycle the solution of certain level, support an enterprise to gain taller efficiency and stronger innovation strength as a whole hard, and the diversification demand of contented client; And product complete lifecycle runs a system (Product Lifecycle Management System, PLMS) offerred strong message to make the same score Ning in coordination, afore-mentioned independent subsystem union is together, of the innovation design that supports a product and company business course run in coordination. The core technology of PLMS - the fictitious product development that faces product complete lifecycle, its connotation is: In products plan phase, the product complete lifecycle such as cost of the performance demand of mature product, production process and market sale (from demand idea of analysis, product designs a product to discard as useless) all elements, the geometry of real time, collateral on the computer dynamic imitate product builds control of design of model, technology, production process, production management, quality, application to safeguard wait for a series of activities. Fictitious make won't waste real natural resources and energy, the production process that has is fictitious, produces product also is fictitious, can reduce the investment risk of the product consequently, and use collateral project can more effective, more economy, more agile ground organizes production, in order to achieve the development cycle of new product the purpose with best quality of lowest of the shortest, cost, design. The fictitious product that faces product complete lifecycle innovates and manage plan to face the fictitious development system of product complete lifecycle in coordination, have the aid of manages compositive technology of strategy and PDM at collateral project, consider the function of the product and structure not only when designing a product, and all link that consider product complete lifecycle, like program, design, make, sale, move, use, safeguard, service, environmental protection, reclaim etc, of product of in an attempt to optimize integratedly. In process of fictitious product development although presence is local serial phenomenon, but in light of the whole from the system, each module is collateral exercise. If the graph is shown 1 times,run program in coordination. This plan broke products plan personnel and the technical barrier that communicate between the person that produce production personnel, salesperson and product to be used finally, network of have the aid of manages in coordination, make the product innovation ability of the enterprise wins great promotion. Each function module depends on PDM to undertake product data set become in the graph, here compositive the implication that includes two fields: It is PDM and system of each tool software compositive, 2 it is oneself of each tool software of numerous module compositive. Business and the figure that adopts PDM compositive system and documentation data, experience data, communication and communication data, the department of interconnection of photograph of each function module that makes fictitious product develops a system, mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, develop in coordination, share resource and collateral work, make sure iformation flow is in dummy company inside and outside is straightway. The crucial technology spare parts of system of fictitious product development is three-dimensional modelling spare parts is three-dimensional the core content that modelling is fictitious product development, its farther application is fictitious assemble, dynamic process is emulated, graphical data processing, finite yuan of analysis and animation are made etc. Three-dimensional formative method has the part mixture modelling of curved surface modelling, hypostatic modelling or unifinication of hypostatic curved surface. Current, hypostatic modelling technology basically changes design knead dough to be given priority to to diagnostic design with parameter. Parameter changes the important way that the design is fictitious design, at present most CAD software provides this function, let an user revise design parameter repeatedly conveniently. In addition, those who use " modelling of accurate feature substance " the trival means that the technology abandoned to traditional body element goes all out to close and be handed in and be differred, make whole design process more intuitionistic, simple. Software of most three-dimensional CAD provides the tool of curved surface modelling of independent environment, but aleatoric modelling and editor are complex curved surface, mix through curved surface between entity cooperate each other, implementation curved surface cuts out hypostatic, curved surface generates hypostatic, curved surface to restrain the mixture modelling such as entity to operate. Fictitious assemble be opposite component or overall undertake finite before yuan of analysis or dynamic analysis, the fictitious part that should design to already finishing model first undertakes fictitious assemble. Fictitious assembling is the process that spare parts model has locating afresh by tie concern, its appearance character according to products plan and precision are characteristic, of product of bona fide imitate three-dimensional rig a process. Law of common outfit recipe has a tie to assemble a law (be like coaxal, balance, coincide, perpendicular wait for a tie to concern) locate accurately with have the aid of tool (if CAXA substance designs the three-dimensional ball of V2 software) undertake notting have restraining constructional. Assemble after to undertake interfering checking commonly, have in order to examine between the spare parts deny the clearance limitation that produce interference or exceeded a definition, fictitious those who assemble add of immediate impact after is finite yuan of analysis and the result that trends emulates. Finite yuan of performance demand that the target that analyses fictitious product development is contented product, shorten product cycle and reduce cost, the computation with this and good performance analyses a system to be not divided. The target that computation analyses includes: The analysis getting power of component part (static force analysis and kinetic analysis) , component part detects to function of the security of invalidation, product, the evaluation of outside influence, reduce weight through light-duty component, optimize material to wait. Finite yuan analytic law is current the most important reach the computer with the widest application to assist analytic method. Fall the model of three-dimensional spare parts of the product or course directly the method such as dimension is changed into finite yuan of analysis model, according to data commutative standard is passed to CAE software system, can undertake finite yuan of analysis. Craft designs software of CAM of have the aid of, CAPP, define the plan of spare parts craft that already devised, main content includes: Outfit of semifinished product of the treatment requirement such as the dimension of approve treatment spare parts, public errand and precision, set, certain work blocks means, choice to machine parameter of technology of course of craft of method of cutting tool, certain treatment, certain treatment, set to wait. Software of CAM of emulation system have the aid of, the appearance characteristic that should process work according to place, diverse craft demand and precision ask, agile ground chooses all sorts of treatment means and treatment parameter, generate quickly, the cutting tool contrail that edits a need (namely the cutting method) of cutting tool, can emulate a system through the geometry of CAM software real time or apace emulate cutting tool, the motion of workpiece geometry body, the cutting tool contrail that generates with test and verify is mixed whether correctly have deny generation to cut a phenomenon too. Technology of virtual numerical control undertakes to the cutting tool contrail that already generated through CAM software setting and postpone are handled machining a machine tool, the pattern that sets by the machine tool namely undertakes custom-built, generate the NC code that matchs with photograph of specific machine tool thereby. Technology of virtual numerical control is software of emulation CNC of CNC Machining of have the aid of, use complete simulation the machine tool of virtual numerical control of true machine tool undertakes examining to the cutting position of NC code, the user sees racily real time treatment process is emulated, machine the validity of contrail of the cutting tool in the process in order to examine, and cutting tool has had denied cut, cutting tool and clamping apparatus and machine tool have deny the problem such as collision. More advanced fictitious CNC system still can undertake mechanical emulate, the dynamic and mechanical character that passes cutting course will forecast parameter of cutting of vibration of cutting tool damaged, cutting tool, control, achieve the goal that optimizes cutting process thereby. Use fictitious CNC Machining, the user masters the unit process of cargo bandling of CNC machine tool quickly not only, debugging what the process still can decrease and avoid to appear in true treatment environment all sorts of mistakes, replace true machine tool to undertake grooming with fictitious machine tool especially, reducing cost while, still can obtain groom much betterly the effect. Data of product of product data management manages (PDM) is fictitious product development is important make can one of conditions, it is the core function that fictitious product development is able to realize. By can form much information at process of whole product development, the successive loop of the digital model that includes product, course, model and pertinent process information. The design that design participator includes to produce manufacturer not only, craft, make, assemble wait for personnel, still include muching companion of supplier, collaboration and client to wait. These personnel often are dispersive on situation, and all sorts of data that use interconnected system of different computer science department and different software tool to produce place of whole product lifecycle to need severally, and all of these computer science department and software may be built go up in different network system. Below this kind of circumstance, how make data keeps newest and correct, and be surrounded in the Geng of whole and dummy company inside get be sharinged adequately mixing effective transmission, make sure data spares at the same time intended or innocently destroy. These are the issues that PDM needs to solve. Fictitious product develops collateral project is the method that the product develops, it is a kind of production strategy, and collateral project is perforative complete the philosophical method of a process of fictitious product development, it should be regarded to be administrative strategy, is not production strategy. Have demand to fictitious product design of modelling of analysis, spare parts, fictitious assemble, finite while program of yuan of analysis, technology, emulation treatment reachs a test, consideration product is whole the process of the activity inside lifecycle is collateral project; The first drive is with the client in fictitious product development, the design of the product, make, analysis, test, assemble, sale, safeguard wait for professional, and the process that muching companion of supplier, collaboration and user participate in a product to develop at the same time is collateral project; Fictitious product development is through computer network between different spot, different unit and branch, different professional undertake cooperating with to also can consider as collateral project. Anyhow, fictitious product development is the main goal that develops a mechanism with collateral project is: Improve product quality, shorten product development time and reduce development cost to wait. System of fictitious product development is able to realize the soft hardware platform of system of fictitious product development the organic union of hardware platform and software platform. Its hardware platform includes: The computer (graphical workstation) , equipment of network, virtual reality (the sensor that be like 3D, headgear, glasses) , measuring instrument of graphical scanner, 3 coordinate, plotter, printer, fast forming machine, measuring projector. The drafts solid prototype to be able to be felt through these equipment namely fashion show of fictitious mechanical and electrical products comes out. Fictitious product develops software platform of the system to include: Software of market demand analysis, three-dimensional CAD software (contain assemble, apply colours to a drawing module) , tool of product innovation design, optimize software of design software, graphical data processing, project database to run software of software of software of OA of software, program, CAPP, CAM (contain emulation module) , CAE software, fictitious, software of computer network operating system. Apply example application to face the fictitious development system of product complete lifecycle, developed the numerous and new-style mechanical and electrical products such as ark of product of washing machine, measuring projector, television, telecommunications, lamps and lanterns, boiler, air conditioning, water heater burning gas, electric control, engine, reducer successfully. It is with engine development now exemple, explain fictitious production technology develops medium main application process in complete lifecycle mechanical and electrical products. Main move is as follows: Measure 1: Undertake to engine product demand is analysed, make clear the technical requirement of products plan, undertake product idea is designed; Measure 2: Applied CAXA substance designs V2 software, or the three-dimensional CAD software such as Pro-Engineer, UG undertakes spare parts modelling is designed. Engine spare parts mostly the external form is complex, use commonly base the hypostatic curved surface that changes design and diagnostic design at parameter mixes modelling. Spare parts modelling finishs after, the apply colours to a drawing that uses three-dimensional CAD software module undertakes to the spare parts the sense of reality such as qualitative, colour, environment, burnish shows capable person; Measure 3: Be opposite first already formative spare parts has photograph neighbour each are relevant the apply colours to a drawing with a tie-in colour, repass restrains a relation or unengaged locates means has subassembly and engine accurately overall assemble, undertake interfering checking to assembly parts. If have interference, can revise measure the spare parts dimension of 2 and appearance, till interfere an examination,come till qualification. Assemble after, can be opposite fictitious already constructional engine undertakes orgnaization motion imitate (if apply CAXA substance to design the Mechanism module of the intelligent animation module of V2 software or Pro-Engineer software) , the effect that indication orgnaization moves; Measure 4: Through model of will three-dimensional geometry changeover is finite yuan of analysis model, use ANSYS software or other CAE software (like American MSC software) to engine medium athletic orgnaization undertakes static force analysis, motivation is analysed (if the car starts oscillatory character,the motivation of analysis, vent-pipe answers an analysis to wait) , inflectional analysis. If be opposite,the fictitious engine of initial design undertakes finite requirement of yuan of the disagreement when the analysis, turn into measure afresh 1, till till qualification; Measure 5: The spare parts that analyses qualification to passing CAE software undertakes CAM machines craft analysis, the appearance feature that machines a face according to the spare parts defines technology program, choose machine tool, tooling and cutting dosage, machine craft course and procedure certainly; Measure 6: Cutting tool of set of parameter of set part semifinished product, craft, choice and means taking a knife, software of CAM of have the aid of (like Pro-Engineer, UG, CAXA production engineer waits for) , generate contrail of treatment cutting tool, have real time to orbit or emulate desired result quickly. Cutting tool appears to be cut too in be like emulation process or the mistake such as interference, CAM emulation system can edit revise the cutting tool contrail that already generated, till emulate cutting tool contrail correct; Measure 7: Software of CAM of have the aid of undertakes to the numerical control equipment of make choice of postpone is handled, the pattern that sets by the numerical control machine tool that wants effective treatment namely undertakes custom-built, but measure 6 courses emulate the cutting tool contrail with accurate desired result, generate the code of numerical control G that matchs with photograph of specific machine tool conveniently; Measure 8: Have the aid of is fictitious CNC software (the Deneb system that is like abroad, honeysuckle V-cnc system of home) machine tool of virtual numerical control to measure G code has 7 generated numerical control treatment of fictitious real time. Machine tool of real time monitoring machines the dynamic viewpoint such as fictitious camera of have the aid of of system of a little fictitious CNC condition, the real time that exports treatment parameter to machine a process at implementation is optimized with control. Most after generates code of optimized numerical control G, so that undertake farther true CNC Machining; Measure 9: The user evaluates fictitious engine prototype, detect below the assistance of professional technology personnel function, make just assessment to its. Design personnel joins the opinion of the user, undertake part or all modification to the product, turn into measure afresh 1, till the user is satisfactory. Because fictitious production technology was used in designing development, can improve the quality of mechanical and electrical products, reduce cost, shorten greatly the design is periodic, enhanced the market competition ability of the product. Epilogue is current, the globalization of manufacturing industry market and competitive aggravate are the fact of publicity. Cooperate with for management with PLM platform, it is the guiding ideology, faces product complete lifecycle fictitious product that is compositive method with PDM to develop a technology with collateral project, it is at present the most advanced design creates pattern, provided strong competitive tool for the enterprise. Once it put forward to be paid close attention to extensively, receive much research and successful application, gained considerable benefit, reveal the development perspective that gives light. Current, fictitious product develops a technology to replace traditional design method not completely still in the developed country, in the developing country it is to just start more, and the partial unit technology related its still is not very mature. But the development as fictitious production technology, fictitious product develops a technology to will become better day by day, produce inestimable effect to the manufacturing industry of 21 centuries. CNC Milling