Whorl cutting dictates circularly

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Whorl cutting dictates circularly " cut - whorl cutting - retreat a knife - return " 4 movements circulate as (show 1 times like the graph) , will dictate with a block. Graph in type of G92 X(U)~ Z(W)~ I~ F~ of format of process designing of loop of 1 whorl cutting: The terminal coordinate of cutting of whorl of X(U) , Z(W) - is worth; The difference of radius of part of I - whorl, namely initial drop and the radius with terminal cutting differ whorl cutting. When machining columnar whorl, i=0. When machining conic whorl, when to cutting when X initial drop coordinate is less than cutting terminus coordinate, I is negative, it is conversely. Exemple: Try write the machine program that the graph shows columnar thread 2 times. Graph cutting of 2 columnar whorl circulates... G00 X35 Z104G92 X29.

2Z53 F1.




04G00 X200 Z200... graph exemple of application of loop of cutting of 3 conic whorl: Try write the machine program that the graph shows conic thread 3 times. ... G00 X80 Z62 G92 X49.

6Z12 I-5 F2 X48.



5X47 G00 X200 Z200... CNC Milling