The application of rich approach frequency conversion on machine of copper pipe drawing

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One, the overview is in as copper pipe the wide application of each industry domain, of copper pipe manufacturing industry south move strengthens, of product line of former copper pipe transform arisen also big reform, primary system all is dc timing system, cost is high, uphold charge advanced and adverse element, be washed out by times place surely. Those who replace is frequency control system, the energy-saving effect that the reason is frequency conversion, transform simple, timing to go to the lavatory etc bring boundless potential benefit. 2, product line 3, name of manufacturing demand equipment: Equipment of aircraft of copper pipe drawing comprises: Put reel, straightening machine reachs collet unit, drawing machine, automatic cut machine form. Transducer uses my company DZB70B0930L4B. Electric machinery power: Diameter of 75KW copper pipe: 8 ~ 10mm pulls Φ speed of Φ 6mm drawing: 0 ~ 50m/min 4, systematic control principle is opposite through transducer the stepless speed regulation of lead plane, timing pattern is potentiometer timing. Making machine key is there should be enough moment of force to come when low speed drawing copper pipe. CNC Milling