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When wanting to undertake machining with the main shaft rotate speed of 15000r/min above, people may want to face more problems again with respect to meeting discovery: The influence that lopsided, vibration brings and radial and jumpy quantity expand etc, these are to bring about cutting tool loss of life, generation the undesirable surface quality, potential factor that causes main shaft trouble. Knife clip chooses a mistake, mean ask for trouble undoubtedly to the user. Now, people must face this fact that machine tool rotate speed raises ceaselessly. Especially the car is small quantified need, make the application of high speed treatment of simple work of aluminium alloy material more wide. High speed machines brought high yield, the manufacturer that also allows component of system of drive of engine airframe, motivation and die and mould people benefit a lot. Meanwhile, HSM still makes light quantify make turn into reality, and more reliable. To high speed treatment, the effect that the knife places precision of the dependability to production, treatment and effect of totle drilling cost especially important. Knife clip must be smooth or easily smooth, must have enough clamping force, must the production that enough answers a workshop and sundry cutting cutting tool. Agree the type of shrink of shrink type knife handle of accept heats signal agrees the newest trend of the technology of clamp of cutting tool of machine of clip of shrink type outfit of accept is to use structure of shrink type clamp, induction or sirocco are used to heat when holding clip make arbor aperture expands have cutting tool change, use wind next cold make cutting tool cools room temperature, use arbor aperture and cutting tool external diameter be filled with too cooperate clamp, this kind of structure makes cutting tool still can hold reliable clamp property below high rotate speed, special the treatment of high speed milling that applies to higher rotate speed. This system is having the design concept of be convinced making a person it seems that to high speed treatment. Because its symmetry is mixed,lack mobile part (like screw) , they have inherent balance sex, radial and jumpy in 2.

5 ~ 5.

Between 0mm fewer perhaps, and can provide quite large clamping force. According to the estimation of company of Briney Tooling Systems, rotate with the power of 75kW when boring lever when cutting tool, the clamping force that clip of shrink type knife can provide awl power is on average 44.

5kN. This company claims, machinery of prep above of its clamp ability or the clamping force with hydraulic pressure ungual card 5 times above. However the use promotion that shrink type knife places is very slow however, analyse its reason to may put in the following: Above all, use heat to bilge cold shrink the installation concept of the principle is not accepted for people place. Some people secure screw to be not being used or card claw comes the means of clamp thing lacks perceptual knowledge, plus contractility awl the handle must have what match to it to have awl handle diameter only, accordingly, to dimension for the cutting tool of each different, when using, be like not very agile. However, in the car assembly production of large quantities of quantities, this still does not calculate what is going up main problem, because, the awl power that normally people uses is a standard. Although can shorten,change knife time, the time that this process place needs even under 30s, but the process that heat as a result of existence and cools, still certain person supports negative attitude to this. In addition, also people place needs to consider cost issue. The Dao Gacheng that uses structure of shrink type clamp should compare other knife to place originally about tower above 30% , and still need to deploy an induction to heat unit, its cost differs to 10000 dollars above from thousands of dollar. But all users that had contacted shrink type knife to place think, shrink type knife is placed in the expressional proof in practice, they have enough rationality really, no matter high speed treatment or low speed machine his,the advantage is clearly. This can be passed with the knife that uses principle of hydraulic pressure clamp or other and mechanical means clip undertakes comparative can seeing. These advantages reflect what machine productivity in life of cutting cutting tool and high speed finally to rise on, the feed rate that accelerate and inferior cutting tool spend the cost that compensated place of clamping apparatus of use shrink type to bring. From the point of long-term interests, if a factory wants every months to buying the word that a large number of capital invest on cutting tool, clip of knife of use shrink type can reduce production cost effectively for its. Aisin Drivetrain company had the test of clip of shrink type knife in the production of its drive-box, rotate speed and feed rate rise amount to 20% ~ 30% , productivity rises 400% , life of PCD cutting tool raised 3 times. Saving while costly cutting tool throws cost, also proved the rationality of structure of shrink type clamp to people. Meanwhile, clip of knife of stretch chuck type also does not have cease all the time to the pursuit of high rotate speed. Regard the most popular knife as clip, they rely on pure mechanical interface to clip cutting tool, get used to length of large-scale vertebra handle and diameter, the comfortable sex that can offer height for the user already and flexible. Current, have a certain number of suppliers at least capable to offer the knife of stretch chuck type that applies to high speed treatment to place. Clip of knife of stretch chuck type is having a lot of economic advantage. A lot of users express, the mix that they prefer not to need to heat takes kind, such, general handlers is used rise the meeting is safer. Clip of knife of stretch chuck type allows more cutting tool preliminary adjustment on Z axial. And to clip of shrink type knife, should achieve this need to match proprietary preliminary adjustment implement. Especially the broad user of automobile manufacturing industry, they more the preliminary adjustment capacity that the preference has Z axial, can change conveniently so cutting tool. What knife of stretch chuck type places is flexible and dye-in-the-wood. Should change when a cutting tool that takes power of different diameter awl, simply changes chuck is not whole knife clip. But flexible cost is tigidity of lack of the meeting when clip holds specific cutting tool, this meeting brings about bit to wear away bigger, need to change often consequently cutting tool. Rego-Fix company claims its have a puissant essence to add a system to be able to be rivalled with clip of shrink type knife. This company adds a system at the PowRgrip puissant essence that rolled out 2004, can cooperate to produce very large clamping force through the exceeding interface between chuck and knife handle. For many times cutting tool changes show this system performance is good, allegedly this system has been inserted through more than 20000 cutting tool and the test of debus is recorded. On chuck wear away exclusively for chuck, and chuck is the spare parts that compares petty gain relatively. With shrink sex system similar, powRgrip also needs a cutting tool to insert an orgnaization. This orgnaization is one table confuses you model compressor, can generate the pressure of 6t, cutting tool is inserted or debus needs 15s about. Lyndex-Nikken company also offers knife of type of chuck of high speed flexibility to place a system. Allegedly, clip of its VC knife is special apply to die / the nap of mould, the movement below the high speed in 40000 R/min is smooth, when 4 × D radial beats the quantity is 3mm only. In addition, this knife clip does not need to use a tool or clamping apparatus tears open outfit chuck. Introduce according to Lyndex-Nikken company, all sorts of features all make this knife is placed below 40000 R/min high speed to still have very tall precision. This chuck contains the humeral ministry of peace of one lengthen handle, this feature can assure homocentric spend and reasonable force is delivered. In addition, this knife placed smooth appearance to also reduce the empty air current when high speed is machined and cutting noise. Pass inherent characteristic, if basilar is thick,mural part and the chuck of 8 ° are designed, restrained resonance, raised tigidity. Because vibration can shorten cutting tool life, reduce the surface precision and wear away main shaft, so, the character that this system can be absorbed when high speed is machined and keeps apart vibration is quite valuable, restrain clip of knife of sex of shrink of oscillatory respect excel. In addition, VC knife clip still contains TiN coating, attrition can be reduced when close solid screw cap, can use bigger torque so, at the same time the groove below screw cap can restrain small resonance. Clip of knife of chuck of another high speed is OK also the balance is achieved below the high speed of 40000 R/min, by BIG Kaiser nicety cutting tool company rolled out this in September 2004. On the world before BIG-PLUS two sides locates main shaft system is eye can come true exclusively truly " two sides locates " 7: 24 awl handle. Use the Mega chuck system that takes system of main shaft of fixed position of BIG-PLUS two sides, raised main shaft and the precision that the knife places interface and tigidity. According to the report, the screw cap that did not open slot can eliminate cutting tool vibration when high speed, reduce howling and reduce cooling fluid to splatter. Knife carry secretly a ball bearing is one-way of system of separation and reunion have spanner only, tighten the ratchet when solid as screw cap. Clip of this series knife is designed for the smallest cutting tool, have a diameter from 0.

4 kinds of when 25 ~ 38 Mm differs different specifications: The chuck of Mega miniature flexibility of the compact area that is used at small-sized cutting cutting tool; The collet of standard New Baby that high speed machines; With Yukeda 12.

7 Mm Gao Ga tightens the E of the end panel mill of force collet; And double motivation chuck, the double contact screw cap between knife clip body and screw cap can raise tigidity. Why to no matter use,plant knife clip, machine to high speed evenly for it is crucial. In high speed treatment, general acceptability knife places the largest lopsided amount to be 3g-mm, but when moving with the high speed of 30000r/min above in main shaft, this are lopsided value of a quantity falls 1 G-mm. Via comparative discovery, clip of milling cutter of standard, common end panel can show the lopsided amount of 250g-mm. According to the rotate speed that uses actually, this kind lopsided may bring disastrous failure. To apply to high speed treatment, some knives clip is used move beforehand make the same score the means that specifies a level. Knife clip supplier also provides certain preliminary adjustment balance equipment. These equipment let an user can balance a knife to place systematic implementation to optimize use, reduce as a result of,fall in high speed lopsided those who bring leave mental efforts and bring about wear away. Although pass preliminary adjustment, the attaint that main shaft cooperates undesirable, cutting tool and wear away and each subassembly public errand is more loose the balance sex in waiting for other factor to also may destroy treatment. Accordingly, the balance that maintains knife mix in the workshop is very important. A kind of knife that Rego-Fix offers places a method, the each knife mix that its produce contains a groove, can add when need hold ring of a balance. These balance annulus bypass the knife places card to enter groove, make any standard knife clip of Rego-Fix can become the knife mix that has balance capacity. Balancing loop compose is effective to exceeding the rotate speed of 42000 R/min. Regard the knife that brings balance capacity as clip, after cutting tool changes, still need to balance equipment to balance and check these knife clip. To given rotate speed, the knife clip system holds is very important under lopsided threshold value. This threshold value as rotate speed rise and reduce. If rotate speed is 30000 R/min faster perhaps, so balance threshold value will be reduced, so that very little vibration also does not allow,appear. Below this kind of circumstance, proposal user is after cutting tool preliminary adjustment and the reuse after the knife places a system to had been balanced. Although be below low rotate speed, also need to be balanced afresh. Should change on different machine tool especially retain a power, change between high-speed steel cutting tool and hard alloy cutting tool or change when the design of cutting tool. CNC Milling