V α II

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Introductive: Copenhagen whole world is warm although was not reached,spend the meeting mandatory decision-making, but conference itself already highlighted each country of warm melt into however or each enterprise needs currently face with settlement topic for discussion, in the whole world energy-saving in the cry that decreases carbon, taichun essence machine rolls out type of the 2nd acting full report to shoot set of II of α of forming machine V, for energy-saving decrease carbon to use up a mental efforts. 2 acting machine are shirt-sleeve our company the advantage of generation complete electric machinery and new design concept, break through obstacle of Electromechanical pilot technology, high speed nicety, environmental protection is energy-saving. Item characteristics: Our company attend the pattern of full report of new generation of V α II-200F that Taipei machine extended 2010 to shoot a plane, have the following characteristic: Of · structure aggrandizement wide model type of full report of II-200F of α of V of pattern plate design shoots a machine to divide generation standards of the space inside original Suo Mozhu is increased besides, collect type of wide pattern plate, shape in order to satisfy industry is small model the requirement that changes wide pattern, and design of new-style pattern plate structure, guide the force that lock up a model to be centered at the center of pattern plate, the pattern plate after decreasing to lock up a model in high pressure is out of shape. Pattern plate and basically get power all match with 3D design software law of finite ultimate analysis (FEM) design and analysis, have weight light, tall tigidity and be out of shape small character. · shoots glue to adopt synchro control of double servo motor, raise acceleration ejaculation glue to shoot glue axis to adopt drive of double servo motor, the DSP that operation of tie-in high speed handles servo board and synchro control technology, promote considerably shoot glue respondent sex, by stop the acceleration to top speed time wants 35msec(sky to shoot) only. The top firing rate that standard type machine plants is 200mm/sec, and high speed machine is planted can achieve 300mm/sec. Axis ejaculation glue collects day to make screw of fast accurate ball, what when ensuring tall rapid fire goes out, run is smooth, with use the precision below and life for a long time. The ejaculation with abiding and durable · gives an orgnaization tall tigidity is light quantify shoot an orgnaization and screw of exact form ball, collocation imports automatic lubricant device, what when ensuring machine stage is being produced quickly, run is smooth, with use the precision below and life for a long time. The control technology after catenary of Wu temper by dipping in water shoots · fact to shape is the perfect union of speed and force, also be the technical obstacle that shoots a machine to be complete electric by oil pressure changeover, a machine is shot to choose the course that postpones a sale in full report type, taichun essence machine accumulates experience of many application solid Wu, control confluence of catenary of its temper by dipping in water the technology at 2 acting machine inside, aux will be able to offers a client better shape application. 2 generation of II-200F of epilogue V α are whole electric type shoots a machine to pick the advantage that takes generation, referenced Japan shows with what Euramerican firm grows besides with the trend, break through obstacle of Electromechanical pilot technology at the same time, for new generation high-powered machine is planted, also be the optimal alternative that seeks high quality to shoot treatment industry. CNC Milling