The way that efficient implementation difficult cutting works

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High rate often is regarded as to be the premise condition of efficient treatment. But in the treatment exercise in difficult cutting, this condition is less important however. More crucial factor is to should achieve the large cutting amount inside unit time and big cutting deepness and tall feed. Cast in what machine large surplus when, the user hopes to gain greater cutting strength in rough machining exercise. But, in old to machining difficulty tall tenacity stuff (be like titanium, stainless steel and tall alloy steel or special type steel) when undertaking machining, a lot of equipment reached the limit of its efficiency or stability constantly, cannot satisfy treatment requirement. A premise that realizes catastrophe successfully to spend cutting regards the machine tool as namely the machining catenary of a kind of many link. Equipment is a foundation, when bit only very high cutting power is mixed thrust by frame susceptive moment, outfit engine power just can succeed the cutting quantity of time of unit of ground translate into. To machining the comprehensive observation of the task, it is treatment exercise can efficient finished key. The whole system that only an equipment, tool, workpiece, cutting tool and treatment flow are formed regards as is an unit, fang Keda arrives higher level, stabler as better as economy technological process (graph 1) . Graph 1 in the exercise circumstance with cutting great difficulty, high cutting rate is not always is critical factor, the big cutting deepness and big feed are the weakest link in more important instead equipment and the unified craft catenary that machine flow often will surely deny a success definitely. Accordingly, stable, efficient equipment joins first-rate circuit, it is a key that leads to a success. Heller company has newest state of technology. When designing machining center of H series horizontal, with respect to the element that lays in power the consideration goes in, make the equipment of hard usage OK thereby get be usinged adequately inside the biggest range. To this, use at H 2000 model (graph 2) the axis of double drive Z that goes up with H 4000 equipment also had very big effect. The lot that machining center of horizontal of graph 2 H series uses at machining quantitative change to be being changed processes work, the actor bad that the H 2000 tall rigid instant that owns frame of axis of double drive Z and part cannot decide to produce, because production is the process of a continuance. 7 days of production, 3 work. The rigid structure of machine tool and component is in undertake designing according to the biggest tigidity and good damp character at first, this also is the postulate that catastrophe spends cutting. Graph 3 linear slideway ensured those who lead to door of position of transhipment of through cargo is expedite, achieve machining center of the effect H with handy operation series to have benefit to attack with perforative type develop optimized structural member. The target of personnel of research and development, be not from the design the concept sets out, go piling up great weight, make instead equipment as far as possible " slender " . To the working space of equipment, also be such. This also avoided the accumulation that cut bits to be in apparently, make thereby the happening of the circumstance such as equipment orgnaization heated. To optimize accessible degree, linear slideway ensured those who lead to door of position of transhipment of through cargo is expedite, achieve the result with handy operation (graph 3) . Workbench has what a moment of force delivers to change location, can allow a 4 × the adjustment of 90. Solution lock moves key Niu Laishi to show through the foot (graph 4) . Besides alone plant layout, be aimed at H2000 model with H4000 model, still offerred two kinds of option: Power-Pack applies to the user that is engaged in catastrophe spending cutting, to this, besides the standard type main shaft that can use 17kW/81Nm/10000min-1, also can install the main shaft that uses model of a 38kW/242Nm/10000min-1. Accordingly, the user that Speed-Pack plan in order to is aimed at light metal of fast and accurate treatment (graph 5) . There are two kinds of axes here model can offer an alternative: One kind is the main shaft of 40kW/95Nm/10000min-1, another kind is most the main shaft of Highspeed-Cutting of fast transition coming back that high-power amounts to the 25kW, largest moment of force to be 24000min-1 for 40Nm and rotate speed. Graph 4 workbench have what a moment of force delivers to change location, the adjustment that can allow 90 ° of a 4 × is big cutting force optimizes 5 Speed-Pack of graph of high quality cutting tool to be able to be used at further fast and the catastrophe of circumstance of light metal treatment of high accuracy spends cutting to need to use great cutting power, this posed great challenge to cutting tool technology, these difference often on the detail with little consist in. The modelling of the choice of cutting material and cutting edge is facing special challenge, the preparation of edge of layer of hard fine grained data, wear-resisting, cutting, dynamic rigid cutting tool is only a few with great difficulty cutting works relevant vocabulary entry, but, if used wrong cutting strategy, even if best cutting tool, also can reach its limit very quickly. Accordingly, right cutting strategy combines correct treatment cutting parameter, this treatment to approaching the limit is crucial for exercise. Right now, use process monitoring technology commonly, be like IPM (compositive process is surveillant) . Although cutting tool is out of order, equipment and workpiece also can get be protectived effectively, production also can be passed fill effectively a measure, proceed goes down. CNC Milling