Ball of steel of new-style horizontal of company of Anqing machine tool grinds city of ball machine side

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The new product 3M7780B that limited company of Anqing machine tool develops at was being developed 2005 is bearing plant and manufactory of professional steel ball grind to steel ball essence reach exceed essence of life to grind the special device of treatment. Patent date: ZL20052011.


The advantage with the biggest 3M7780B of 9     was to use a kind of brand-new pressurization means, piston of the oil cylinder outside securing dish of diameter namely at 3 o'clock type pressurization means. Rotational dish rotating while the tensile effect that suffers 3 oil cylinder, parallel motion is made on linear slideway along with main shaft box. This kind rotates with main shaft precision becomes independent each other, the pattern with hands-off each other, be helpful for raising precision of machine tool motion. And main shaft back end uses structure of discharge carry on one's shoulder, improve the position getting power of main shaft, the tigidity that is helpful for raising main shaft and rotate precision. Assure to produce the need of ball of high quality key link then. Hydraulic pressure drive is constant voltage to load, pump of variable of voltage limiting type is protected pressure. Main shaft and charging tray all use frequency control, it is the control core of whole machine tool with PLC. 3M7780B puts in the market from batch since, produce ball of steel of class of group of G10 class Z4, G5 steadily, get an user reputably. The 3M7770B2007 that develops on this foundation year batch serves the market. In order to satisfy the requirement of different user. CNC Milling