The metal forgings treatment method notice

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Forginging is one of methods of metallic forming, it is one of machine production production important segment. Stuff of the metal when be being machined according to forginging is located of temperature condition different, forging to be able to divide the forge that it is heat, lukewarm forge and cold forging again. The article is forge pointing to heat, the metallic data that is processed namely lies red hot condition (forging inside temperature limits) , the wallop that through forginging equipment brings to bear on to the metal or quiet pressure, make the metal arises to plasticity is out of shape and obtain the over all dimension of expect and the forging that organize a structure. Forginging the main facility in the workshop has forging hammer, compressor (water press or brace compressor) , heating furnace. Manufacturing worker often lies oscillatory, noise, high temperature glowing, soot, and makings head, semifinished product piles up in waiting for adverse working environment, accordingly, special to operating the safe sanitation of the worker of these equipment to answer try to notice; Otherwise, producing process lieutenant general incidental all sorts of safe accidents, especially person harms an accident. CNC Milling