Apply what the robot has aluminium alloy automobile body to solder

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Current condition / task CARmetal company is division of AIXAM MEGA group one of next manufacturer that offer money, this company must complete fixed numerary order form everyday. Accordingly, and the rise that needs crop as a result of place, this car manufacturer thinks investment buys unit of work of a modern robot. Through tall convey ability, accurately quickly and lasting usability, will realize shorter cycle time, fang Keda asks to what improve productivity. Installation robot while also want forethought the run mode of two orders, and place plan reverses productivity the element of times. Executive measure / solution CARmetal company decides to use two libraries to block 30L15 robot to replace 4 artificial welder. This robot solders according to MIG pulse craft solders aluminium makes frame, welding line grows the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site 12 centimeters. By other treatment structural frame installs chassis component previously, for example chassis and flank component, turn to the robot next, be soldered together to become framework over. For this, employee puts chassis package on finished product frame, over these component are secured to be in by pneumatic closing device correct locally. Subsequently flow is quality inspection is reached go up lacquer. A fictitious line can make the machine unit half-and-half be divided into two to machine a part artificially, KR 30L15 is put in this on fictitious line. The metal that carry coils shade can separate this two parts and robot, there are two to rotate inside every part bend discharge two axes positioner (DKP) . In departmental one's duty, every machine puts aside the stuff that is put on the DKP that belongs to severally to undertake soldering artificially. From this, can be in in two robots of DKP solder frame while, by undertake going up for DKP artificially makings and discharge. Because KR 30L15 each equipment has every 6 axes, DKP to contain two axes,use at rotating to mix bend discharge, and every robot is held accuse two DKP, because this robot controls a system must the motion that can coordinate 10 axes accurately, should avoid inside cramped space at the same time collision happens between the robot. Further, the robot controls a system to solder control system carries corresponding name, carry capacity adjusting control to solder through voltaic intensity and gas by latter again flow. Systematic component / the library that ● of KR 30L15 of robot of two libraries card is a foundation twice with PC blocks contract limits ● the robot controls a system, the Control Panel ● that included to contain familiar window to operate an interface contains the imitate system of RobCAD software, in order to check the accessibility that whole automobile body nods each. This system also can be used at calibration tape to have manipulator of solder fire robot at the same time the athletic process inside cramped space. Additional, robCAD is returned but imitate robot and DKP (rotate, bend positioner) between runner shaft coming back and bend discharge axis concern in coordination. Investment of ● of ● robot process designing runs a result / effect ● of first consideration is to accomplish cycle time to want when work of robot of cycle time short design is unit extremely short. The robot achieves the fast metre of a requirement through be worth high quickly. Better robot passes ● quality its nicety job assures tall solder quality. In addition, high quality also is attributed to a robot to reach range quite wide, can amount to thereby nod this one character to all jobs. ● usability makes the matter of unit design high artificially because of the machine, cannot operate with be being replaced artificially when occurrence breakdown, the usability of the robot is very accordingly important. Accordingly, company of library card robot is in Germany and well-known company for example Ao Di, Daimulekelaisile and people cooperation, the stable base that builds each other each other to believe collaboration to concern in all. ● redound is rapid because anticipate,rebuild rise what can bring productivity apparently, the redound of structural frame of CARmetal predicting robot period meeting is very quick. The sensor that ● more security installs between KR 30L15 only issues signal, when clew robot stability maintains the parking space that saves a space in its, just allow to open robot work unit the safety between two treatment area coils shade. CNC Milling