Set of advanced hydraulic pressure knife handle

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The principle of hydraulic pressure knife handle is to press Ba Sige principle to make bulk of airtight oil pocket decreases, press everywhere inside antrum force big, inward pressurization, make oil pocket Bao Bijin belongs to sleeve to in produce flexibility to be out of shape, make insert the cutting tool petiole in knife handle thereby by clamp. Particular operation is clamp bolt comes back enter, the piston in driving oil pocket is mobile, although oil pocket bulk decreases, pressure increases. Knowable its characteristic is;360 ° flexible and exact mix is pressed, radial and jumpy with repeat fixed position precision tall. Precision of cutting tool centering, treatment precision is tall. Defect is structure of relatively other knife handle complex, cost is higher, bending rigidity is not quite tall, clip of general hydraulic pressure knife handle holds force to be equivalent to stretch collet knife handle, do not calculate tall. Move sealed place easy let out. Safeguard undesirable when, unfinished of cutting tool of meeting shift; enters cutting tool completely inside knife handle, pressurization can cause liner canister damaged. But NT company developed a kind of tigidity recently tall, clip holds muscularity, economy is good, the new-style economy with convenient operation is practical hydraulic pressure knife handle - series of PHC knife handle. Its precision is tall, stability is good, applicable a variety of treatment, measurement standards by Ф 6- Ф 32, can replace stretch collet (card core) knife handle, make machine quality to rise. Basic model if the appearance pursues 1. It is OK that screw of circumgyrate of 6 horns spanner is used simply when clamp come true. After knife handle of graph 1 PHC puissant hydraulic pressure loads height to adjust unit component, turn with spanner this bolt can adjust cutting tool to extend length to use wrench but simple clamp makes its pressure increases to expand upcountry of pressurization inside cylinder is specific the structure is to use spread all over the means of outstanding at 2 o'clock bearing all around, than in the past a bit bearing, radial and jumpy precision rises, and the work is steady. Can obtaining precision condition is; Ф 14 knife handle of 6 ~ Ф , measure cutting tool to highlight length to be in; Ф for 50 ㎜ 32 knife handle of 15 ~ Ф , measure cutting tool to highlight length to be 100 ㎜ place, its brace up place a quantity to all can be achieved in the high accuracy under 3 μ M. Mix in this kind of high accuracy the stable condition of bearing fell at 2 o'clock, xu Rong answers revolution to be able to rise considerably. Like PHC06 ~ number of the 16 circumgyrate that make an appearance can be amounted to 20000 turn / cent, number of the 25 circumgyrate that make an appearance can amount to PHC20 ~ 15000 turn / cent. PHC32 Xu Rong answers revolution to be able to be amounted to 10000 turn / cent. Graph when cutting tool of clamp of knife handle of hydraulic pressure of PHC of force of excel in of precision of clamp of fixed position of 2 two upright bearing, because structure and clamp method are different, the clamping force of hydraulic pressure knife handle is taller than stretch collet knife handle however 1.

2 times above, and the addition that follows internal diameter, can can increase clamping force considerably more. In addition, process of clamp of knife handle of general and stretch collet is circumgyrate clamp screw cap or coat canister is coming back close while also happen to in mobile, make in this process cutting tool sinks to collet direction a few (0.

1 or so) . And make position of cutting tool axial happens fluctuant, hydraulic pressure knife handle does not have this problem. It is before additionally in narrow component structure, machine darker place, be forced to use long bit directly, establish milling cutter, reamer go machining, this kind of cutting tool, not only the price is high, and grew tigidity very poor, injure easily. Often recommend the knife handle of shrinkage fitting type that uses conic form fine body for this, conic knife handle hangs its fine body extend length very long, the cutting tool that reason requires mount weak point only can. When clip of knife handle of shrinkage fitting type holds work, must heat first knife handle, need has add shrinkage fitting buy technically, installation take time gives or take a lot of trouble. And tigidity and respect of treatment surface quality still are not worth somewhat. NT company developed PHCS of knife handle of new fine body hydraulic pressure again, can working easily conveniently experience is complex the deep of the spare parts, with establish milling cutter, reamer, get first class to machine, the curved surface inclined plane that can use ball head to establish the treatment deep such as milling cutter on 5 axes machine tool, cause industry public figure to pay close attention to a welcome. (The knife handle of fine body of treatment deep curved surface that graph 3) graph uses on machine tool of 3 5 axes fine grow again, of the front after its mount cutting tool brace up place quantity and tigidity, fight brace up function is very main also. PHCS extends 4d to be in in cutting tool brace up place precision actual measurement to be in static tigidity of less than of 3 μ M also relatively tall; of shrinkage fitting type places two kinds of knife handle the Φ that hold D= at the same time the cutting tool of 12, in dangerous extend 4d=48 millimeter place, progressively to load, classics experiment is measured curve, of knife handle of hydraulic pressure of PHCS fine body be out of shape displacement is measured small, tigidity is taller. Because,this is type of its unlike shrinkage fitting, do more thickly likely. Its fight PHCS brace up quality of function treatment surface is higher than shrinkage fitting type also, it is all sorts of commonly used clip in supporting a method best. Because its clamp cutting tool is,pass liquid medium. The sleeve that clip holds cutting tool is supported by oil of integral high pressure (graph 4 right) , its all the oil pocket oily fluid of cloth drew the oscillatory energy in treatment, make vibration comes down quickly damply, produce vibration isolation result thereby. Graph the 4 comparison that wrong department is degradation curve of vibration of means of two kinds of clamp. Of graph 4 PHCS fight brace up principle and with the bore that narrow place deep manages the part is compared in oscillatory degradation curve into the knife handle that fit pattern, to each company, it is a difficult problem from beginning to end. Often knife handle and broach need to be extended very longly. And the top of broach brace up the demand that place an amount is more little. NT company mixes the advantage of knife handle of PHCS fine body the top that they develop before brace up place adjustable to adjacent at " 0 " " R " the structural photograph of Zero knife handle is united in wedlock rise, developed PHCS further adjustable brace up place model knife handle. The top that makes extend length to amount to 200mm broach brace up place adjust less than of 2 μ M. Solved this difficult problem thereby. Surface of knife handle of each hydraulic pressure had whole PHC efficiency antirust processing of special plating Fu, because of,can prevent between knife handle and main shaft wear away and cause card to bite felt and burn, prevent main shaft unusual wear away. Prolong cutting tool life, prevent to machine precision aggravation. Had this kind of knife handle, water-solubility cutting fluid also can be at ease use, improved cutting efficiency thereby. CNC Milling