The development of technology of the spray inside Die Casting mould and application

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Of 1 common spray method and existence asking cast sticking to mould is a kind of common Die Casting flaw, the account that blemish produces has a lot of kinds, can from the spray of lubricant dope, cooling water normally decorate, undertake an analysis into the respect such as composition of stuff kind, alloy and improve. The spray that at present major manufacturer of home uses spray manipulator and machine tool linkage to finish pair of moulds reachs the action that blow air. The kind that also partial manufacturer uses a hand to use spray has production, the time of spray, position is more agile, manufacturing metre is fast. Under photograph comparing, the dependability of automatic spray will be better, cast character is stable. And the hand moves means to depend on the worker with richer experience to undertake operating normally. In bigger tonnage (8000kN above) when the mould on Die Casting machine is produced, the method that often can adopt two kinds of means to be united in wedlock will undertake spray, in order to achieve result of good drawing of patterns. Servo spray and intelligent spray also are used for everybody gradually, got better result. As a result of the reason of cast structure, if pursue,partial pattern often is used 1 with the graph such 2 designs. Some model after core smokes core, model core shapes partial conceal is set at line model or some slide block piece inside, cannot realize the spray of coating. To improve the spray result of this type core, it is no matter brace or it is hydraulic pressure takes core kind, coordinate aperture measure to add large core more, enlarge coating to enter space. This kind of method has definite improvement action, but spray effect still is not special ideal. Draw lessons from at oil cylinder take the function that insert core, take the slide block of core means to hydraulic pressure, put forward to insert the concept of core spray, namely Die Casting machine is automatic in spray process, change program set to realize the spray after inserting core. On this foundation, current, two big Die Casting manufacturer of domestic undertook altering to order of Die Casting engine, realized this one movement successfully. When the means that smoke core smokes core for brace, afore-mentioned methods cannot come true. Because it cannot adopt a change,order of Die Casting engine undertakes inserting core spray. To solve this one problem, developed technology of the spray inside a kind of mould. The principle of technology of the spray inside the principle mould of the spray inside 2 moulds is simpler, be about to the buy inside coating conduit is in the mould, exterior deserve automatically to join than device with agent of drawing of patterns, adopt electric and unit automation, realize the time, spray that decide a dot. Because coating conduit exports a setting to be in the mould is in-house, positional choice is very agile, made up for the inadequacy of afore-mentioned spray craft so, solved this one difficult problem effectively. The spray inside the mould is in charge of those who speak a mouth to decorate have two kinds of kind commonly, one kind goes up in slideway, is its movement principle: ? Mouth of coating of? of emperor of litter of lens of  mallet Yue is shown, undertake spray, after slide block of 3a; seeing a picture adds up to a model to reach the designated position, coating mouth is closed, see graph 3b. Another kind is decorated on mould ejector pin, seldom use. 3 inside spray device and inside does device of the spray inside spray plan a complete set of include: of the following parts commonly? The 2 pulverization that are manipulator of the spray on machine of similar Die Casting install the spray conduit; that interior of? of emperor quiet > designs buy; the 3 electric control that are independence are unit. Install the linkage of buy and Die Casting machine through realizing pulverization to the set of electric unit, realize a mould thereby inside spray. This kind inside spray plan, need more parts of an apparatus to be combined together. Be like pulverization device, normally the series connection such as need electromagnetism a powerful person, pressure-relief valve, flow control valve, atomizer is together movement. Electric control unit is independent electric ark, with connection of signal of Die Casting machine, need blows gas, spray and delay time movement to have set to each. When this orgnaization works, put beside Die Casting machine, work movably. But the work space with took up certain, also need fixed capital investment, device and machine tool connection are more complex also, to the worker the operation brings inconvenience, it is more difficult to carry out. Need simplifies further, so that carry out. Can see the spray pipeline of mould interior, because cast is different, opened way has difference each, but cannot simplify. And pulverization device and electric control unit can use the original control module on Die Casting machine to simplify in order to come true. According to this one tentative idea, new developed plan of the spray inside a mould, see a picture 4, the component inside dotted line casing uses Die Casting machine entirely original part. The spray conduit that designs by mould interior only and an atomizer are comprised. Canal of the coating on atomizer one aspect of the matter and spray manipulator is in charge of direct UniCom compatibly, on another end and mould inside join of spray conduit entrance, realize as synchronous as manipulator of the sparge on Die Casting machine movement. In use process, atomizer transfers through piece fixed go up in the mould, achieved good spray result already, cabinet and convenient. Workshop of whole Die Casting can deploy a few atomizer according to the circumstance can. Side obligate is controlled on Die Casting machine coating and compress airy interface to be used in order to go to the lavatory. 4 inside does the spray inside spray application example apply example: ? ? of accept of └ of Gu of the Xiao that remove  sees a picture 5. Only quality of spare parts of body of a powerful person is 1770g about, the biggest over all dimension is 103mm of × of 155mm × 205mm, the least wall is large for 2.

5mm, the biggest wall is large for 33mm. In producing a course, place of the slide block on cast (inside the circle) pull serious, cause leak. On the mould place of slide block slideway increases export of the spray inside 4 place, because cast pulled the leak defect that cause to get very big improvement, see a picture 6. The development of technology of the spray inside 5 epilogue mould, provide a kind of new technology measure to solve cast sticking to mould. This structure used the original conduit on Die Casting machine and control unit adequately, the structure is simple, disassemble convenient, also received promotion application on mould of other Die Casting, obtained better result. CNC Milling